8 Perfect Kisses To Ignite The Fire In Your Partner. . .

Kissing is not only a link via which we show our affection and desire but it is an Art. And if performed well, it can help you make your bond very strong. One of the biggest reason for most of the breakups is an imperfect kiss! While a perfect kiss wins someone’s heart. Listed below are some kisses that ignite a fire in your partner.

  1. Butterfly kiss
    “Kiss him with your eyes”, this is what a butterfly kiss stands for. This is a sweet and sensitive kiss to ignite a fire of love in your lover. Bring your face close to your lover that your eyes are almost touching his face. Flutter your eyelids frequently brushing your eyelashes on his cheeks to make him feel he has been kissed delicately by wings of a butterfly.
  2. Earlobe kiss
    Earlobes are very sensitive part of our ear and by kissing them you can show your affection to your lover. It also works as a teaser to heat up your partner. Most women love it when their partner kiss them on their earlobes and neck. By moving your tongue in circular motions around her earlobes you can make your kiss more special.
  3. Single lip kiss
    Start gently by touching your lips with your partner’s upper or lower lips and suck on a bit. This is a comfort kissing for absolute beginners. It is an art of kissing and you must be gentle every time. While sucking your partner’s lips, don’t be hard else you’ll ruin the whole moment and make you embarrassed. Kissing slowly and gently in a romantic way is enough to bring a wildness of love.
  4. Angle kiss
    Kiss him near his eyes to show your affections before he is leaving. The Angle kiss brings all your affection and cares for him in just a single kiss. Planting a kiss on the forehead or on eyelids give will leave a burning fire in his heart to get you again.
  5. French kiss
    The deep passionate kiss that makes one wild for making love and erects all his senses desiring to love. The kiss involves tongue actions and for perfection one needs mastery in it.
  6. Seductive kiss
    Want to see a strong desire if love in your partner? Kiss him wildly and win his heart. This kiss needs no perfection like French kiss do but remember not making him bleed while going wild in your love. A perfect seductive kiss is able to shake his whole body.
  7. Spiderman kiss
    An Epic kiss for all passionate love birds to end all limitations of their love. This was a famous kiss by Spiderman with Mary Jane in Spiderman movie. Another famous name for it is “Reverse kiss”.
  8. The secret message kiss
    While kissing your partner send them erotic messages against their tongue. This is aa awesome and unique way to tell them what’s burning inside you.

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