5 Mind-Puzzling Riddles Which Are Left Unanswered!. . .

Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental problems concerning the study of materialistic and non-materialistic things. There are a few debates which always ends in the same dilemma including the questions about “God” and “Afterlife”. These are the topics which lead to same conclusions as we are not having any solid evidence to defend one side of it which ends up in “no answer” or ” more than one answer”. Here’s mentioned 5 such problems which can never be answered.

  1. #Free Will Or Human Choice!
    If there exists a free will, all our passion and actions are useless! Is it all that happens to us? All mighty God who is supposed to know Past, Present and Future is playing games with us! If there exists a pre-decided future for our each action, all our hard works go in veins. Free will is supposed to be the complete dominance of predetermining over one’s choice.
    Then why do we work hard to achieve any goal? If it is pre-decided in a way that free will explains then each and every person is born for something and should achieve without an expenditure of energy. Human logic says there exist no pre-determination but solely efforts are all that decide one’s future. There is a continuous debate defending logic over future predictions.
    Science gives us another way to decide our will based on our choices. An example will help you understanding the same fact; An omniscient saint predict about choosing a burger to eat by you in future and knowing this prediction you choose a pastry to eat in future, what are the preconditions that are allowing you to CHOOSE?
    You must think again on this and it is up to you believing on yourself or your free will.
  2. #Existence of God
    By simply asking a question about the existence of god we start challenging the beliefs of people but it is the major philosophical question which remains unanswered after every debate. Revolving around a statue resembling “God”, provides us positiveness. Why do we search God?
    The answer lies in our “fear”. Yes, fear works more efficiently that our “faith”. We do search a creature in nothingness to remove our fear or being alone in most dreadful conditions and we named it “faith”. About the existence of God, everyone has his own proofs and plea. One definition that is usually given by believers is “Something beyond the limitations of Science”.
    Defending the sense of something “God-like” is similar to the fear of being caught by your dad while smoking in public place. Phew! This question still ends in a dilemma.
  3. # Life after Death
    Another mind-bending riddle that leaves a person in the darkness of assumptions. Is there any life after death? Is there any existence of a door to next world?
    For some there exist a non-materialistic thing “Soul” which is not governed by physical material but is the one which control us. After death our organs stop functioning but our soul travels to the next world. And that next world is also pre-decided according to one’s good and bad works (karma). For good souls there is a “Heaven” where he resides and enjoy his afterlife and for bad souls the “Hell” is the place which is predecided for his punishment. It’s something puzzling everyone each moment and forcing them to think twice before moving each step forward.
    This is rooted in the physiological fear that can never be erased anyhow but is somewhat inherited from many generations. Scientifically you have only one life and you must enjoy it forgetting all your fear that puts you into rubbish!
  4. # What are Numbers?
    Starting from 0 to infinity there exists uncountable digits known as “Numbers”. Strange! They are invented to count something and they themselves are countless. We all use different types of number systems to perform different calculations but no one of us knows what actually they are. They help us in studying the whole Universe and let us work on time by watching time. Plato claimed that numbers exist in some mind-independent abstract heaven and nominalists claimed that there is no such heaven. It is something that cannot be touched, seen or heard but is useful in many aspects. Clearly we love numbers if we are scoring some higher among them in our exams.
  5. # What is Right or Wrong?
    Being wrong and Right in our decisions is all about one’s moral conscience and has no relation to any universally proven law. No one can decide anything for you except you yourself but certainly there some rules and regulations made by our ancestors which govern the moral Rights and Wrongs. All the rules which we are following regarding this are our assumptions of being “Right” to us.

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