6 Things You Will Definitely Relate To If You Are A Book Worm!. . .

Reading is like dreaming with eyes open. On a Friday night, what will you prefer, going out for a party or curling up in your bed with a book? If you prefer the later one, then definitely you are a book worm. Books not just increase your knowledge but also give you wider perspective to look at certain things differently. It is undoubtedly a great time pass and helps you discover a whole new world.
Are you a bookworm? If yes, then read on!

  1. You got to have a perfect bookshelf!
    What is a perfect bookshelf? The one with thousands of books in a beautiful wooden set? No, a perfect bookshelf is the one which you can relate to. It must be your own.
  2. Oh! the smell!
    Do you love the smell of the old book? Isn’t it lovely! The smell of books is so divine, to state the fact! I wonder why don’t they bottle the fragrance and sell it.
  3. A fan of bookmarks!
    If you are a true blood book worm then you must be a fan of bookmarks. Rather than having a dog-eared book page a book lover will prefer a good bookmark.
  4. Once you start a book, you cannot stop reading.
    Being a bookworm, you cannot leave a book halfway. It becomes a real task to finish the book. Be it in your classroom or your workplace, all you will think of is your book!
  5. Libraries are your happy place!
    Want to impress a book lover, take them to the library. Bookshops are like candy shops for book lovers.
  6. Reading many books at the same time.
    If you are a regular reader then sticking to one book is really a difficult task.

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