11 Things Only Dog Owners Can Understand. . .

When a dog walks into your home you feel that you have become a mother without getting a training! Here is a list of things that only dog owners will understand.

  1. Food is a serious weakness
    image1There are times when your dog acts like a professional beggar, while you eat. It looks at you as if it has never had food before or you have kept the little one starving for months. You have nothing else to do but to share a few bites with your four-legged friend.
  2. Embarrasses you in front of guests
    When a guest comes to visit you, your friend stops listening and obeying you. All it wants to do is sniff them, play fetch with them or sit where your guests are sitting.
  3. His walk is sacred to you
    image3Doesn’t matter where you are, you give up all party and arrive home early, just to take your friend out for a walk. His walking hours tick in your mind more than the exams. You either come home early to take your friend out or you walk him and then go out with your friends.
  4. Scattered squeaky toys are normal
    Your house is full of treats and dog toys. You love to play the game of fetch with your dog and after it fetches the toy, it wants you to pull the toy out from its mouth. What your dog feels, “ I want him to throw the ball, but I don’t want to give it to him.”
  5. Take me for a walk
    The moment your dog knows that you are taking it out for a walk. His happiness reaches to another level and brings its leash to you.
  6. Pictures are not his thing
    image6You may catch your dog doing stupid stuff but, the moment you switch on the camera its reaction becomes sober. Clicking one photo takes ages and a lot of dog treats.
  7. Your bed is your Dog’s
    You may have brought the expensive beds that you saw online or you saw in the pet store but your dog sleeps on the floor, on the couch, and on your bed. Your dog thinks that everything you own is his as well.
  8. Ice Ice baby
    A bowl of ice is super exciting to your dog. It loves to play around with the piece of ice and empty bottles as well.
  9. Bathing is a task
    The moment your dog hears you say shower or bath, it hides in the remotest corner of the house. It refuses to move. And you literally have to either trick the dog to bath or lift him to take the shower.
  10. The world is lost when your dog is sick
    There is nothing more depressing to you than knowing that your dog has fallen sick. You cannot concentrate on work when you know that your dog has fallen sick.
  11. Tail wags and wet licks are your things
    When you return home there is a constant tail wag and your dog is the happiest to see you return home.

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