8 Times AIB Made Us Scream With Laughter. . .

AIB or All India Bakchod took the internet by storm with the AIB knockout. They have emerged as one of the most popular comedy groups in India. Not only they make videos to entertain us but also bring forth many social issues through their medium.stageculture.comThey have a huge fan base and their videos have been famous for touching the most controversial issues ever. That’s the reason why they strike a chord with the youngsters. Here are 8 times when AIB made us laugh so uncontrollably that we couldn’t help but agree that they are the comedy kings –

  1. When AIB knockout, knocked Ranveer out like a pro! idiva.com
  1. When they went outrageous on stage with one of their members. buzzfeed.com
  2. When they touched the issue of ‘nepotism’ with their wit. idiva.com
  3. When even Karan Johar got candid on the stage. No wonder they are contagious like that. idiva.com
  4. When they took a dig at Sonakshi Sinha and went ahead with it. buzzfeed.com
  5. They didn’t leave Arjun Kapoor as well. buzzfeed.com
  6. When they brought up the issue of drug addiction with their deadly humor. stalecoffee.in
  7. No wonder they are masters of combining wit with social issues. And they always get their facts right. stalecoffee.in

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