7 Ways To Nail The Bohemian Fashion Trend. . .

The ‘70s Boho vibe is here. Bohemian fashion trends are fast becoming the fashion staples. From Bollywood to Hollywood celebrities and fashion bloggers to street style at ramps, everything is inspired by bohemian fashion.

You can see boho fashion trends everywhere – retro patchworks, fringes, flared sleeves, boots and more. Here are 9 ways to nail the bohemian trends like a celebrity –

  1. Jacquard design prints
    For a casual boho everyday style, invest in fabrics with jacquard designs, paisleys and diamond cuts. They complement every figure and shape.
  1. Chiffon and Laces
    For a romantic evening date look, go for chiffons and laces. These fabrics look flowy and accentuate the figure while creating an overall dreamy hippy vibe.
  1. Ripped denims
    Invest in a few ripped denim pieces such as shorts and flared distressed denim. You can pair them with vests, tank tops or a tunic top.

  1. A mini dress or LBD
    A little black dress is a real investment to nail the boho look. You can go for loosely hanging mini dress in black or something with flared sleeves.
  1. Boho Accessories
    Coming to Bohemian accessories, go big on silver jewelry. Invest in loads of finger rings, stack up quirky neckpieces, and bracelets for a chic day look.
  1. Suedes and fringes
    Suedes and fringes go together perfectly to create a perfect boho look. You can buy a suede vest and then pair it with a fringe bag. You can also go for a fringe suede kimono and wear it over a mini floral dress to create perfect boho vibe.
  1. Footwear
    Invest in a great pair of gladiators in tan or dark brown. These days, metallic tie-ups are also in trend. You can go for wedged platforms or knee-high boots if you are on the petite side.


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