9 Eccentric Religious Ideologies In The World. . .

A religion is a part of mankind which a human follow with dignity and
solely he is free to choose certain kind of people or a particular
‘culture’, which matches his ideology. Practicing a religion involves
a peculiar traditional view along with the food, clothing, and beliefs.
The typical expectation from any religion involves uniting people and societies. Here are some bizarre religious ideologies which seek attention in public and are famous for what is unusual about them.

  1. Eastern Lightning
    This is a new Christian movement which is called by several
    names viz. Church of Almighty God and Church of the Gospel’s Kingdom. The group has been described as a terrorist group. It was founded by Zhao Weishan in 1990. The followers believe that the God has returned to earth as a woman named Yang Xiangbin, born to an ordinary family in China, in order to guide mankind for the third and final time. they believe that the world will end; however, no exact date of the doomsday is explicitly mentioned in their literature. Their most famous book, ‘The word appears in the flesh’ is considered as the word of god and its writer is a woman who styles herself as ‘Almighty God’ is considered as second Jesus.
  2. Ho Na Hana Sanpogyo
    The Japanese religious movement founded by “His Holiness” claimed foot reading is helpful in diagnosis of illness and emotional unrest. This fortune telling fraud was in great demand untill The cult was accused for charging a high fees $900, for the fraud. Fukunaga, the founder was then sentenced to 12 year in prison.
  3. Raëlism
    It is a UFO religion that was founded by French race care driver Claude Vorilhaune. Like other UFO religions, realism also teaches that Humans are created by extraterrestrial species. They called them ELOHIM. They teach that after human creation on earth, Elohim sent their messengers viz. Jesus, Buddha, etc to check on the humans. Superficially, their values are quite agreeable considering that they promote world peace, liberal sexuality, democracy, sharing, etc but they have a strange side too. In the late 1990s, they founded a cloning company and in 2000, they boldly claimed that they had cloned a human, which had zero scientific proof.
  4. Scientology
    The first attempt of any religion to explain religion through concepts of Science was done by The Church of Scientology. This cult practices knowledge of human about himself and physiology to explain all myths. No aliens and outer-universal things are involved but the major concern is to understand the function of the soul in a body. The religion was founded by Ron Hubbard in 1954.
  5. Rastafarianism
    The Ethiopian King Haile Selassie is believed as the God for all. This cult opposes the colonialism which forced Africans to suffer a lot. This religion was developed in Jamaica in the 1930s. Rastafari has always been conceived as a way of life for and by people of African descent. It tends to restore the pride of African and rejects the society of materialism and obsession to sensual pleasure.
  6. Nation of Yahweh
    Just opposite to the “creators”, Believers of “The Nation Of Yahweh” are African-American “Black” people who attempted to move African Americans, whom they see as the original Israelites, to Israel. This cult practice neither Christianity nor Judaism but accept Yahweh ben Yahweh as the Son of God.
  7. The Creativity Movement
    The Creativity Movement ( white racial loyalty without compromise), is a racial group whose adherents are known as “Creators”. It was founded in Lighthouse Point, Florida by Ben Klassen as the “Church of the Creator” in 1973. The main motif was to unite all white people, believing they are superior in race living a healthy lifestyle.
  8. Freedomites
    The moment started in 1902 and formed mainly in Saskatchewan. It was a society of people who were insisting freedom through communal living, nudity, and anarchy. Existing for a while they became famous for their “nudity” which was a symbol of recanting to material tendencies of society. Their protests also involved bombarding public buildings to show disdain to the Government.
  9. The Order of The Solar Temple
    This suicide cult was flourishing on the basis of ideals of Knight Templar. This bizarre cult came into notice when 23 bodies were discovered in the Swiss canton of Fribourg and another 25 bodies were found in Valais. This religion was founded by Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret, who’s followers are believed to be supporters of Christianity and some UFO religions. It gained public attention in 1994 when one of the members of the cult Tony Dutoit Killed his own son which was believed to be an order of the founder, Di Mambro. It had its effect on politics as well as on the European Society. The basis of this cult was not exemplary but was same and involved money power and sex. Jouret saw himself as Christ and miss used all his powers being obsessed with sex, he was stuck to it before each ceremony to gain his power (as he believed).

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