Rakhi Sawant is in trouble again; likely to get arrested for this shocking reason!. . .

Bollywood actress Rakhi Sawant is popular for controversies. From Mika Singh issue to launching her own political party, she knows how to remain in news. This time, Rakhi did it again but unfortunately it got her in extreme trouble. She put herself in difficulty as she made objectionable remarks about Sage Valmiki on a show.

Rakhi called Valmiki a murderer on the TV by saying that, ‘’Hum Valmiki ki baat karte hain ke wo ek time pe logon ke murder karte the. Laikin baad mein Ramayan likhi na”


Ludhiana Court issued an arrest warrant on 9th March after a complaint was registered against Rakhi Sawant. According to the complainant, Rakhi has hurt the feelings of Valmiki community by giving bad remarks about Valmiki who was a harbinger-poet in Sanskrit literature. Valmiki supporters are not too fond of Rakhi’s comments and want the actress to pay for this act.

Despite of repetitive summons, Rakhi Sawant didn’t appear at the court. Hence, Ludhiana police team went to Mumbai with the arrest warrant for the actress but couldn’t find her. The two-member team had to come back to Ludhiana as the flat occupants told them that Rakhi Sawant didn’t live there ever.

The complaint against Rakhi was lodged in July 2016 for her remarks against Valmiki but she was failed to appear before the court. Later, the court issued bailable arrest warrant but it didn’t affect Rakhi. Finally after so many failed attempts, court had to issue non-bailable arrest warrant against her.

The next hearing of the case is going to be held on 10th April. Let’s see how Rakhi is going to get out of this huge trouble she has created for herself this time. Wait and watch!


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