8 Dumbest Statements Ever Made By Bollywood Celebrities. . .

There are plenty of times when Bollywood celebrities make statements that are clear examples of foot-in-mouth.

Bollywood celebrities are no less than idols that are worshipped by common people. However sometimes how they act or what statement they give makes the headlines and that too not in an appreciating manner but “Oh My God!” manner. There have been numerous such statements given by celebrities over a period of time that would make you wish that they shouldn’t haveopened their mouth at all. Here are few such statements made by Bollywood celebrities that would classify as being dumb:

  1. Vivek Oberoi
    “People are saying that my performance as Kaal in Krrish 3 is in par with Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ in Batman.” While his role was definitely appreciated, this was a little bit exaggerated.
  2. Abhijit Bhattacharya
    Singer Abhijit Bhattacharya came forward to support Salman Khan and said,” Kutta road pe soyega, kutte ki maut marega. Roads gareeb ke baap ki nahin hain. I was homeless for a year and never slept on the road. Suicide is crime and so is sleeping on footpath. 80% homeless film people struggled, achieved stardom but never slept on footpath.” Well, he sure is very wise.
  3. Mallika Sherawat
    Mallika once said, “I feel that my life is the same as Obama’s.” On being asked why, she said,” I do not come from a film background, nor do I have a Godfather. Also I am from Haryana, but I changed the rules of the industry and so has Obama.” Well, no one could actually make sense of what she meant by that.
  4. Kareena Kapoor
    “I really respect the first lady, Sonia Gandhi.” Surely makes everyone wonder when was Sonia Gandhi the first lady of India. Another time Kareena got herself in foot-in-mouth situation was when she was asked by a reporter about which laptop she uses and if she could share something about its hardware. Her reply was,” I don’t know about the hardware, but I have a green one.”
  5. Bipasha Basu
    Bipasha was asked by a reporter if she knew who started the Olympic games. She replied,” I think Adolf Hitler started it.”
  6. Amisha Patel
    According to Amisha Patel,” While the Kareenas, Mallikas, Bipashas and Laras are on one side… Aishwarya, Rani, Preity and myself are on another.” Another statement by Amisha was, “ I’m lucky that I haven’t been left out in the cold like Mumta Kulkarni or Meghna Kothari.”
  7. Sonam Kapoor
    Sonam Kapoor once said,” Ash has worked with my dad, so I have to call her Aunty, na?” Well, didn’t know that is how relations work. She also once said,” I am considered an icon at the age of 20 when people like after 40s or after they die is considered to be icons. It’s just amazing.”
  8. Varun Dhawan
    Varun Dhawan when asked what Dilwale was all about said,” Have you seen Inception? Understood it? Liked it? Then you will like Dilwale. There is a lot to our film. There is plot, story and is logical and is a full on 2015 film which has a lot of twists and turns.”

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