7 Reasons Why Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara Is Ever Inspiring. . .

Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara is more than just an entertainment film. It manages to teach us some great life lessons.

Zoya Akhtar not only did make a great and exceptional film but also in the process of doing so taught us some essential life lessons. The movie is perfect in every aspect be it star-cast, acting, story-line, locations or music. One of those movies that is enjoyable everytime you watch it, ZNMD would be a personal favorite of majority of us. ZNMD consists of such elements that one needs in life to make it enjoyable and not just livable. Here are few reasons why Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara is ever inspiring:

  1. Live in the present tumblr.com The scene where Hritik reveals his life plan to Katrina and then Katrina explains to him how important it is to seize every single day of life is one of the highlights of the movie. Often we get so busy focusing on making our future secure that we forget to enjoy our today and in process lose ourselves.
  2. Friendship sees no boundaries tumblr.com The movie revolves around three friends who are all from different backgrounds and yet their friendship is as thick as it can get. Abhay Deol was a very wealthy businessman, Farhan Akhtar was a writer but came from a very modest background and Hritik Roshan was a successful investment banker.
  3. Always let the child in you stay alive wifflegif.com Because being a grown up is a lot of hard-work and also sometimes it’s okay to let yourself go, have fun and not care about what the people around you think. No matter how old you get, always let the child in you stay alive.
  4. Stay away from gadgets when you are with whom you love wifflegif.com This is something that everyone of us should implement. In today’s era electronic gadgets have become such a crucial part of our life that we can’t stay away from them. When with close friends and family, always give them uninterrupted attention and do not become a gadget slave.
  5. You can overcome your fears tumblr.com Hritik Roshan, Abhay Deol and Farhan Akhtar all had their own fears which they eventually overcame. Once the fear is conquered, the sense of freedom and thrill that is felt is something that cannot be described. Basically, whatever your age is, fear can always be conquered.
  6. Learn to share your fears and insecurities tumblr.com We all have some or the other insecurities inside us. All that is needed is sharing them. Sharing them will lessen them and you will feel much better. And sometimes your friends understand what you feel better than you yourself. Just having them by your side will make everything a lot easier.
  7. Money is secondary tumblr.com Money is nothing when compared to love, friendships, creating memories and experiences. The contentment and satisfaction that one gets from all these can never measure up to the happiness that money will bring to you. One just needs to get priorities straight.
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