10 Styling Tricks Every Girl With Long Hair Should Know. . .

Long hair is so versatile that you can pretty much try anything with it. However, it is sometimes difficult to maintain it too. But if many times you are left wondering what to do with your hair here are a few easy tips:

  1. CUTE CURLS IN A MINUTE 1When you want pretty curls but don’t have the time to curl your hair, try this trick out. All you have to do is separate your hair into four chunks and braid each. Take a hair straightener and press it along each braid. Repeat this, and when you will open the braids, they would be beautifully curled!
  2. GET RID OF SPLIT ENDS AT HOME 2To maintain healthy hair, you need to really take care of split ends. To do that, take a thin chunk of your hair, twist it and gently backcomb the ends. This will make the ends pop out after which you can cut them off.
  3. GET A CUTE HUNNY BUN 3Hunny bun is a very neat, perfect bun that will look great with summer dresses. To get this all you have to do is use a sock to shape the bun and apply hairspray over it to keep it upright.
  4. GET MORE VOLUMINOUS HAIR 3_1Limp and thin hair is a very common issue. One easy remedy is to apply a volumizing gel before sleeping. Apply gel through the hair and twist it making a loose bun before sleeping. In the morning, keep it tied and blow-dry your hair. You will discover bouncier hair on opening the bun!
  5. CURL YOUR HAIR FROM MIDDLE 5We all face that problem where the curls don’t stay right whole day all. For longer-lasting curls remember to start curling your hair from the middle whenever you use tongs. This is an easier method that will give better curls.
  6. CONTROL FRIZZ WITH THE HELP OF TOOTHBRUSH 6Frizzy hair is almost every girl’s problem. Use a toothbrush to avoid getting stiff hair after the use of the spray. Apply the spray on a toothbrush and run it over those hair strands. It is a much easier way to style your long hairs.
  7. THE TWISTED PONY 7Ponytail never goes out of the style! Put some gel on your pony, twist the hair on one side of the face and tie it up in the back. It will give a beautiful look.
  8. THE TWISTED BUN 8Twisted hair-dos are so in right now! Prop your hair really high if you want to go for a younger-looking style. This hairstyle will suit any occasion.
  9. USE BOBBY PINS RIGHT 9Bobby pins can be used in more manners than one. Use them in a creative and neat manner to get hair tied up which will definitely end up looking attractive.
  10. REPLACE BOBBY PINS WITH SPIN PINS 10 For a perfect and secure high or low bun, use spin pins. These pins will keep hair up for a longer period of time and hence you no longer would have to worry about the bun coming loose.These tricks are sure to make your everyday morning routine easier, effortless and a good hair day!

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