7 Reasons To Date A Guy With Great Sense Of Humor. . .

It is often said that humor is the sexiest quality a guy can possess. Here’s why a girl should date a guy with great sense of humor.

A girl always has a list of qualities ready with her that she wants in her guy. One the quality that is found to be common amongst most girls is his sense of humor. There is definitely something very special about a guy who can make you smile even in the toughest of times. And it is not a small task. Studies say that there is something very attractive about a guy with great sense of humor that makes girls go weak in their knees. Here are few of the reasons why to date a guy that has a great sense of humor:

  1. He will always entertain you
    He will never be boring. He will always be entertaining you, would be looking for reasons to make you smile and there you would be very few times that you would be feeling low around him. Things would be exciting and fun around him. A lousy day would be converted into a great one in a jiffy.
  2. He can make any awkward moment normal
    Awkwardness can be transformed by him into a hilarious situation instantly. Nothing can remain awkward for a long time around him.Afterall nothing calms down an awkward situation like a good joke does.He can laugh at himself and also make you comfortable about anyone or anything you are uncomfortable around.
  3. He would be very social
    He would be very friendly and jovial around anyone and everyone thus would win your friends and family instantly. There would be no questions or no worries about anyone not liking him.
  4. He would be smart and creative
    Making any situation light and hilarious is a very creative and smart task. Any person who can do that is undoubtedly smart, confident, creative and witty. There is a lot to a funny guy including being very spontaneous, being original and knowledgeable.
  5. He would be sensitive
    Who said that the person who can make everyone laugh and has capability to laugh at himself won’t be sensitive? On the contrary, he would be very confident and sensitive too. However he would not show his sensitive side often. It would be hidden somewhere amongst his many layers but once you get there, it would surely be one of his biggest attractive qualities.
  6. He would make you feel better about yourself
    The guy who has a great sense of humor would teach you to live life to the fullest, laugh at yourself and even at every tough that life brings to you. Eventually you will start falling more in love with him and with life you are living. The situation where you both can truly be comfortable with each other will be because of his trait to make everything simple and laughable.
  7. He would be very observant
    One trait that most comedians or a person with great sense of humor have in common is that they are very observant. They would be observing things that most of us wont. They have a very keen sense of observance and you can be sure that this trait would be implanted into your relationship too.

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