11 Unexpected Things You Can Do With Coke!. . .

Coca-cola is undoubtedly the most popular fizzy beverage for all coke lovers. But Coke is not just a drink, it is an ingredient! How? It works unexpectedly better in removing stains and fertilizing a few plants. Do you have stains of grease or blood on your clothes? Don’t worry, a bottle of Coca-cola will help you for sure. Even if mice are creating problems for you, Coke will work help you again. It is a good household cleaner and also works as a pesticide.

Listed below are some of the household uses of you favorite Coca-Cola;

  1. Toilet Cleaner
    Just one thing needed i.e., Coca-cola. Pour it on sides of the bowl and leave for a couple of minutes, scrub the stains with the toilet brush. Now flush! And you will get a clean and shiny Cupboard. Leaving the coke on bowl for several hours will be more effective
  2. Stain Remover
    Be it a blood stain on your clothes or a greasy stain Coca-Cola is equally efficient on both. Pour the coke on your laundry and apply some detergent on it. The phosphoric acid traces in coke will remove all stains.
  3. Corrosion remover
    Dip a sponge or foil in coke and wash out the rust. For removing rust from battery terminals pour coke on it and use a toothbrush to scrub the terminals and don’t forget to rinse off with hot water.
  4. Stripe off paint from the surface
    Soak a towel in coke and apply it on a surface to strip off paint from it.
  5. Fertilize Azaleas
    Azaleas are the flowering shrubs which need acidic soil to grow. Coca-cola provides acidity to soil due to the presence of carbonic and phosphoric acid in it and the sugar content present in it provides the nutrition.
  6. Clean Spectacles
    Wipe the specs with Coke-soaked cloth and rinse it with water. It makes your eyeglasses clean and clear.
  7. Pain reliever
    It relieves the pain caused by Jellyfish sting. Pour coke on the infected part and the pain will fade away.
  8. Kill mice
    Leave a bowl of Coca-Cola for mice, he’ll come to taste it and die off due to inability to expel the gas.
  9. To make fountain project
    Add some mentos along with Coca-Cola in an artificially prepared clay volcanos. This will result in an amazing fountain.
  10. Making BBQ sauce
    Make a sweet BBQ sauce. Mix a can of Coke with ketchup and brush over ribs or chicken.
  11. Medical benefits
    By having 12oz of coke every day you can prevent a heart attack. And by having 8oz of it everyday kidney stone can be prevented.

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