Few Unexplained Mysteries Of Mount Kailash. . .

Mount Kailash is more than just a sacred site that is located at a stunning location. It is legendary as well as very mysterious.

Mount Kailash doesn’t need any introduction. Recognized as a very ancient holy site, Mount Kailash which has its one side in China and other in Tibet holds a very important place amongst followers of religions like Hindus, Buddhists and Ayyavazhi. Mount Kailash is believed to be abode of Lord Shiva who is known to be have created Universe along with Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma. However, over a period of time, Mount Kailash has remained very mysterious. There are few mysteries surrounding Mount Kailash that have continued to be unsolvable. Here are those mysteries:

  1. A mountain that is unconquerable
    There have been numerous expeditions undertaken to climb the mountain, but till date none of them have been successful. It is said that the mountain changes its position regularly which makes it impossible to climb. Those who have attempted to climb it had to give up because of health issues, because they get lost, sudden changes in weatherand some never returned. People believe that it is impossible to climb this mountain because it is Lord Shiva’s home.
  2. Creation of Om
    Om or the holy Swastika is seen on the mountain everyday during sunset. When the sun sets, it forms a shadow on the mountain that looks exactly like “Om”. Om or Swastika holds a great religious importance for people of India and they believe that this creation of Om is a sign of how sacred the mountain is.
  3. Center of the World
    Many scientists have studied Mount Kailash’s location and it is found that the sacred mountain is the center of the world. Thus it is also known as “Axis Mundi”. The distance of this mountain from North Pole is exactly 6666 kms and is 13332 kms from South Pole i.e. double of 6666. Mount Kailash also has connections with other monuments like the Stonehedge which is also located at exactly 6666 kms away from the mountain. Ancient scriptures of Hindu like The Vedas and Ramayana also mention Mount Kailash to be the cosmic axis and the world center.
  4. Time travels faster here
    Time travels a lot faster here which also impacts the growth of human body. Hair and nails grow within 12 hours and this growth equals to growth of 2 weeks under normal conditions. This phenomenon doesn’t take place anywhere else in the world.
  5. Two Contrasting Lakes
    There are two lakes at the foot of the mountain namely Lake Manasarovari.e. The God Lake and Rakshas Tal i.e. The Devil Lake. Both these lakes are divided only by thin line of land and yet their characteristics are completely contrasting. While Lake Manasarovar is very calm, Rakshas Tal is continuously stormy; irrespective of the weather conditions over there. The shape of Lake Manasarovar represents sun while that of Rakshas Tal represents crescent moon.
  6. Connects to the Spiritual World
    Mount Kailash is believed to be a man-made pyramid and thus has 4 faces that are facing 4 different directions of the compass. Religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism all have theories that it is the staircase that leads to heaven. The Vedas also mention Mount Kailash to be the link that connects earth and the Spiritual world.

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