10 Bollywood Celebs Who Settled With Non-Celebs. . .

Life in Bollywood is always surrounded by glamor and glittering lights. At the end of the what a person needs is the warmth of love, not lights. There are many celebrities in Bollywood who opted out to marry a non-celeb so that they too could a life without all the glamor and glitter.

  1. Shahid Kapoor- Mira Rajput
    Shahid married Mira who was a local family friend’s daughter hailing from Delhi. He was recently blessed with a baby girl Misha.
  2. Vivek Oberoi- Priyanka Alva
    Vivek married Priyanka who is the daughter of a former Karnataka minister. Even though he couldn’t do well in his Bollywood career he is happy and has two children.
  3. John Abraham- Priya Runchal
    This boy broke many hearts after tieing the knots with Priya Runchal. Priya is a banker by profession. No images of his wedding ceremony were released. Yet later he confirmed the media that he not single anymore.
  4. Shreyas Talpade- Deepti
    Shreyas married Deepti who is a clinical psychiatrist by profession. Thier love story began when he visited her college for an event.
  5. Emraan Hashmi- Parveen Shahani
    The kind of role he plays in the movies, Emraan is completely opposite to it. He loves his family and always straight and clear about his decisions. Parveen is a teacher by profession.
  6. Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani
    Farhan married Adhuna after dating her for three years. Adhuna is a hairstylist and a host of a show which telecasts on TLC.
  7. Suneil Shetty- Mana Kadri
    After dating for nine long years Suneil finally married Mana in 1991. Suneil is from South India whereas Mana follows Islam.
  8. Sonu Nigam- Madhurima
    Sonu Nigam who million hearts by his voice decided to settle down with a normal girl Madhurima.
  9. Shahrukh Khan- Gauri
    They are a true example of a power couple and they also show us what the power of two can conquer. Shahrukh was in love with Gauri since his college days and later married her when she was in Delhi.
  10. Madhuri Dixit- Shriram Nene
    Madhuri took the decision of getting married when she was at the peak of her career. She left Bollywood and settled down in the USA. Her husband is a doctor by profession. Madhuri and Nene are blessed with two sons.

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