7 Things That Only Girls with Long Hair Will Understand. . .

Having long hair brings both struggle and pleasure. Here are few things that only girls with long hair will understand.

Long and lustrous hair is definitely enviable. But not everyone understands how difficult it is to care for them and also what struggle comes along with those hair. You love your hair to moon and back, you are extremely possessive about them and they are your most priced asset but they also require a lot of pampering. Here are few things that only long-haired girls go through and will understand:

  1. Getting ready means spending half of the time making sure your hair is in place
    You have to go to an outing and your biggest concern would be making sure that your hair doesn’t mess up. Almost half of the time in the process of getting ready is spent on your hair. Afterall how you manage your hair is a great impression maker.
  2. You love to experiment with your hair
    Having long hair means you can do a lot with them. There are so many different styles out there that you can’t get enough of them and each of them is just as attractive as the other. You simply enjoy experimenting with your hair and whenever you get free time, you spend browsing YouTube looking for which one to try next.
  3. Your hair keeps getting stuck everywhere
    Long hair comes with the struggle of them getting stuck everywhere. Be it coat zipper, purse’s strap, backpack strap, collars, buttons or scarves, they just have to get stuck everywhere. That is the time you wish you had slightly short hair as compared to the current ones. And the struggle of getting them out is something that cannot be described.
  4. You can’t take the risk of rolling down windows
    You simply can’t take the risk of rolling down windows simply because it would mean that your hair would be everywhere in a jiffy leaving you with the pain of untangling them for ages. Rolling down windows and long hair means a disaster waiting to happen.
  5. Washing your hair is a huge task
    The day that you have to wash your hair means a huge task awaits you. Washing all that hair plus drying them and brushing them would mean investing a lot of time. It surely is a lengthy process and an exhausting one.
  6. Hair maintenance is very costly
    You have probably already spent a considerable fortune on your hair maintenance and it is never-ending. All these shampoos and conditioners that get emptied way too quickly are not really cheap. Not to mention all that trips down to the salon. However with all that looks that your hair gets you and also how proud you feel about your hair, it is definitely worth it.
  7. You find few strands of hair everywhere
    Waking up and finding your hair strands on the pillow is a normal scenario. Heck, not only pillow, hair strands are practically everywhere- bedroom floor, bathroom floor, kitchen, car. Basically just everywhere.

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