Top 10 Countries That Are Like Heaven For Leading A Peaceful Life. . .

When the whole world is fighting for its identity and Invading their neighbors for increasing their power. There exist a few Nations which are giving a message of peace to the world. The most powerful countries even are not safe to live. But the countries with high literacy rates, gender equality and low unemployment, maternal mortality are the safest place to live. The institute of Economics and Peace recently published a report which nominated/ranked 22 different countries with low Global Peace Index (GPI) and these are the most peaceful countries in the world.

  1. Iceland
    A beautiful country adorned with snow has the least GPI index and is the most peaceful country in the world 2017. This is the place where you can enjoy Aurora Borealis during typical nights of November and December. This country has 99% of literacy rate along with the highest rate of gender equality. Over 97% of the total population is connected to broadband. And it is a crime free Nation. The policemen don’t even carry guns! The greenery of this place is outstanding. No mosquito dares to live in Iceland! If you are searching the best place to live in with peace and no harm, Iceland is the home to peace.
  2. Denmark
    The Nation of Millions of happy faces. Denmark is the happiest country in the world with the least corruption and high standards of living. It also has very high literacy rates and the universities are 100% free and beautiful too. More than 50% Copenhageners travel via bikes (bicycles). The average maternity leave is 52 weeks with 100% payment. The government has wonderful schemes for public one of which is 90% payment for 2 years even after losing a job! This country is also ranked among top countries with gender equality.
  3. Austria
    One of the peaceful place to reside in Europe. Austria is a land of peace where crime records are least and cleanliness rates are high. Among Europeans, Austrian people work the longest, with an average of 45 hours per week. The Austrian historic heritage that surrounds you everywhere is one of many other reasons to visit Austria. The Austrians are mostly highly educated. This place provides access to the natural beauty and prosperity. It has a GPI score 1.198.
  4. New Zealand
    New Zealand saw impressive growth and transformation in the decades following independence in 1907. It stands fourth in rank among world’s top Nations with peaceful lives. It has been a Nuclear free zone since 1980. It is a safe, politically stable and well developed Europian country. New Zealand having very friendly relations with its neighboring countries. And this country often provides the best education and health services.
  5. Switzerland
    With the low GPI score of 1.275 Switzerland stand among the world’s most peaceful countries. It has one of the lowest crime rates in industrialized countries. It has the third highest salary and job security out of all OECD countries. It makes use of renewable energy resources for electricity generation. It is expected to be the best place to be born in the Vienna in Austria.
  6. Finland
    Finland is the country with least corruption and best education system. The education in Finland is absolutely free and best. It is the only European Nation with 70% area occupying forests and with the access to hundreds of freshwater lakes. People have right yo roam anywhere in the country. The democracy of this nation is also best among the world. Kilpisjärvi has the finest air of the world. With the GPI score, 1.277 Finland is the 6th best place to live in.
  7. Canada
    Canadians are highly educated citizens and the Canadian Government is highly dedicated towards the security of their citizens. A national air quality study put Canada third for the cleanest air on the planet. It has about 3 million lakes, which is higher than world’s any other country. The unemployment and crime rates are very low in Canada.
  8. Japan
    Japanese are really hard working and dedicated to the nation. Some of the laws in Japan are unique and reasonably good. Bullet trains in Japan run faster than any other transport vehicle. The temples in Tokyo are very beautiful and pleasing. Japanese are believed to be people with high manners. It provides access to cheap medical treatments, food and many other things. It is the third highest economy in the world. Japan has very low crime rates and corruption.
  9. Australia
    Why live in Australia? For enjoying great weather, good education, best wildlife, interesting birds, friendly and funny people, safe and politically stable country life.There are more kangaroos than humans in Australia, which makes life more adorable. Tripping to Australia is rather easy and safe, as the visa can be made online easily and the crime scenes are rare in this country.
  10. Czech Republic
    The last name in the list of top 10 peaceful nations. The earnings of the citizen are similar as in Canada, which affords the citizens a standard life as the consumables is very reasonable. The Czech Republic is also the most Castle-rich country. Here one can enjoy his life in peace as the GPI score of 1.341 shows that the crime and betrayals are least in in the country.

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