18 Everyday Struggles Only A Cat Person Can Understand. . .

There are two kinds of people in this world. The first kind includes all the dog lovers out there, while the second group consists of all those people who would like to live a life full of challenges. Amidst all those serious attitude issues and sudden cuddle attacks, living with a cat is a journey that can’t be described in words. These are some evident struggles that all the cat lovers or owners out there can relate to for sure.

  1. Say goodbye to your personal space because you would be sharing everything – literally everything with your cat. From your desk to your bed and your food to your television screen, your cat will have it all. meowgifs.com
  2. You prefer cats over people, which often land you in trouble. Like way too many times! meowgifs.com
  3. You find it hard to leave your house every single day. Bidding goodbye to those adorable eyes can be the toughest thing in the world. wifflegif.com
  4. You spend the whole day thinking about what your cat would be doing at home. funnyjunk.com
  5. But you get that answer every time you come back home to a broken vase or a tethered pillow. sheknows.com
  6. You can’t get over cats because they are just too smart for their own good. wifflegif.com
  7. There are times when you feel that your cat has appointed you as a servant (or has some kind of psychic super power). wifflegif.com
  8. You can never really get uninterrupted sleep, as your cat will always wake you up in the middle of the night to get cuddled. cutecatgifs.com
  9. Only a cat owner can understand that for them you are basically a piece of furniture. giphy.com
  10. Every once in a while, you lose your balance while running into one of those irritating cat toys. wifflegif.com
  11. While others might use lasers for educational purposes, they are your new best friend. You can spend hours with your cat and a laser gun. wifflegif.com
  12. Just admit it – you can’t really work for hours without getting interrupted by your little one in between. tumblr.com
  13. You can never have a perfect bed. Every time you would try to make one, your cat will lay there with its glorious fur. wifflegif.com
  14. Okay! So you can either have a cat in your house or a plant. You cannot have both. wifflegif.com
  15. Your cat will always be interested in the box rather than the actual toy. funnyordie.com
  16. Your hands will always be full of those “love bites”. Yeah! You will get used to it. imgur.com
  17. Oh! And whenever you’ll try to play with them, they would already be asleep. cutecatgifs.com
  18. You will find it impossible to say no to them. I mean seriously, how can you say “no” to this little one, right? wifflegif.com
  19. If you still think that being a cat person is a piece of cake – then you got to think again, my friend. Nevertheless, amidst all those struggles, the kind of love and affection that comes with the whole package makes it so damn worth it!Cover image source

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