10 Beauty And Makeup Secrets Of Aishwarya Rai. . .

One of the most practical and intelligent actresses Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is known worldwide for her evergreen beauty and her Bollywood career. This 43-year-old actress is a successful actor and housewife. She was the Miss World of 1994 and had a long lasting career in Bollywood and Hollywood. She maintains her beauty by eating healthy food and avoiding alcohols and use homemade remedies for a glowing skin. Let us know her tips for a Miss World type Beauty.

  1. Proper Diet
    She prefers nutritious food and eats home made food only. Brown rice prevails over white rice as they are more nutritious and contains fewer calories. Khichdi is also a considered as nutritious food by her.
  2. Avoid Alcoholic beverages
    By avoiding alcoholic drinks you are simply adding more years to your life. Alcohols and smoking are devils to life and for staying healthy you must avoid them.
  3. Maintainance of skin
    Aishwarya use home remedies maintain her beautifully toned and bouncy skin. She uses a mixture of turmeric, gram flour, and milk to exfoliate her skin. By cleaning her face and moisturizing it regularly she avoids general face problems.
  4. Use branded cosmetics
    For makeup, she prefers branded cosmetics. By using toned down makeup she avoids hiding her natural beauty. Her favorite brands are Revlon, Lakme, MAC, and Maybelline. She is stick to pink, red and brown lipstick shades. In Cans festival of last year, she wore a purple shade lipstick.
  5. Hydration
    By drinking an ample amount of water you can avoid skin problems as the toxic substances in our body gets diluted with water.
  6. Highlight your best feature
    Avoid bulky makeup and don’t be a makeup doll. Rather be simple and highlight your best feature to glitter up your beauty.
  7. Regular Exercise and Meditation.
    You might have seen Aishwarya’s toned body in Dhoom-2. She is not a gym addict. Nor she prefers daily yoga. But during her filmy career, she was stuck to the daily morning walk along with fitness exercises and power yoga. Meditation for her is the secret of her cool and positive attitude.
  8. Do not skip regular facials
    To rescue the skin from outer environment regular facials should be done. This helps you enhance your beauty and protect your skin from wear and tears.
  9. Taking care of hair
    Oil your hair with warm oil at least once in a week. As long and bouncy hairs are the secrets of the beauty of many Bollywood actresses. Aishwarya takes great care of her hair and gives them an oil massage weekly.
  10. Eat green vegetables and fruits
    Aishwarya believes in taking small meals many times a day and she suggests eating a lot of green vegetables and fruits to get a clear and glowing skin. Fruits like lemon and oranges provide antioxidants and green vegetables are full of fiber and many essential elements.

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