9 Reasons Punjabis Are The Most Fun People On Earth. . .

Each one of us had at least one Punjabi friend who would have entertained us to the max. After all, that’s what Punjabis are known for the most – their fun-loving nature. No wonder Punjabis are the coolest people on the Earth to say the least.


Punjabis love their food, dance to the grooviest tunes and have a big heart. Well, if you need more reasons, then they are listed below to prove that Punjabis are just the most fun people in the world –

  1. Because Punjabis are always high on the adrenaline rush. They are over-energetic (and that’s a good thing, right!) and you will never ever have a sad moment with them being around.
  2. Sarcasm is something that runs in their blood. They are the masters of looking for fun in even the ordinary things.
  3. They are always ready to groove and do ‘balle balle’ on the dance tunes with their oversized bums.
  4. They are the most cheerful people on Earth. Because they keep problems at bay with – Saanu Ki.
  5. They are bold and never shy away from lending a helping hand.
  6. They will always be the life of any party. Well, Patiala peg and booty shake are their two favorite things.
  7. Talking about favorites, they love their Bullet (bult as they say), Audi (Odi) and Canada (Kaneda).
  8. They are the loudest people in the world, like having their own JBL speakers as their voice box.
  9. They are extremely hospitable and give away so much jhappiyan te pappiyan when they meet.

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