Top 10 Oops! Moments of Rio Olympics 2016. . .

Rio Olympics 2016 left a momentary impact on human minds. But a few moments were unique in a sense that they made you laugh so hard. You may have cried too after some accidents in Rio. These Olympians are all common persons, who make silly mistakes and create a funny scenario. This article communicates all the moments of Rio Olympics 2016 that you can never forget.

And the countdown starts!

  1. Family Jewell knock off bars
    This Japanese Pole vaulter fails in the Olympics but his game made him popular globally.
  2. Santo Condorelli’s middle finger
    Santo Condrorelli salutes his dad with middle finger Before every race, he puts the middle finger on his head. He has been performing the same ritual for his good luck since he was 8 years old.
  3. British Gymnast falls on her head while performing her routine in Rio. She had to leave her performance and get her neck examined.
    She was allowed to come back for finishing her routine after check up.
  4. Michael Phelps breaks his swimming cap, 30 seconds before his race.
    That could be a loss, but he managed somehow.
  5. Spanish Swimmer false start
    He started before the final whistle and disqualified by jury. But they gave him a second chance.
  6. French fencer dropped his phone
    His reply was an another GAG when he said he forgot it there after playing Pokemon Go!
  7. Dutch cyclist falls off from his bike on a wet road.
    He suffered a minor injury and recovered very soon.
  8. Japanese tennis player dropped his racket while playing.
    But this brilliant player converted this sign of losing in a victory!
  9. Egyptian Judo athlete refuses handshake with his opponent player. He was sent back early for his rude behavior.
    At first, he refuses to bow and also ignored the handshake.
  10. French Gymnast breaks leg
    While practicing his routine in Rio Olympics this French Gymnast had Broken his leg and went back on a stretcher.

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