8 Most Innovative Theme Based Restaurants in India. . .

In a country like India, there is no shortage of Food joints as well as food lovers, the population of India is always ready to discover new tastes. The restaurants today are breaking the old strategy of delivering taste to delivering an experience to their customers.

Hence, restaurant owners are coming up with new themed based restaurants to stand out from the rest of the prevailing restaurants. This leaves a great psychological impact on the guests and makes them remember their experience.

Here are some of the best theme based restaurants in India:

  1. 70mm, Hyderabad
    If you are a big fan of Bollywood and love munching while looking over the posters of iconic gems of Indian Cinema, then this is a must visit restaurant. Even famous Indian movies are also played on the giant LCD screens of the restaurant.
  2. Manchester United, Mumbai
    Well, we all may not know, but like cricket, India has a crazy fan following for Football as well and the restaurants are taking great efforts to cater to these football lovers. Manchester United pub, located in Mumbai is one such example, named after the famous team of football. So, if you’re a football lover, you’ll surely enjoy here.
  3. Kaidi Kitchen, Kolkata
    Have you ever thought of having delicious meals behind the bars? Well, it sounds crazy but the experience you gain after visiting the Kaidi Kitchen in Kolkata can be crazier. The waiters and managers here are dressed as prisoners and Police Officers and serve good Mexican and North Indian dishes.
  4. Gufha, Bangalore
    Gufha, a restaurant in Bangalore is more like a cake which makes you feel like dining in the underworld. The dress code of waiters here is also a surprise to the guests here. This Gufha themed restaurant is reasonably priced and serves authentic Indian and Afghani cuisines.
  5. Chor Bizarre, Delhi
    image-5The Chor Bazaar concept is very famous in India. This restaurant in the capital of India has done full justice to keep the theme of the restaurant and had kept old vintage cars and other priceless collectibles from the past to give it a look of Chor bazaar. Well, the place is famous for its Kashmiri food and is a must visit for sure.
  6. Nature’s Toilet Café, Ahmedabad
    image-6Can you ever imagine, there can be a restaurant with sitting arrangement over toilet seats? Well, to surprise you, one such restaurant do exist in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. However not many people like this concept and find it ridiculous. But altogether, it can be a good experience.
  7. Silver metro, Bangalore
    We all know that metros are meant for traveling from one place to another but some theme based restaurants are changing this myth. This is one such restaurant which has turned metros into a good Dining place. This metro theme based restaurant in Bangalore has white walls and full and feel of a metro.
  8. The Black Pearl, Bangalore
    image-8If you are a big fan of Captain Jack Sparrow and the fantasy world of the ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’, then this restaurant is a must visit. Black Pearl restaurant in Bangalore has got wooden floors, roped chairs, skulls, and mannequins of pirates with eye patches which give you a feel of sitting in a ship.

The list of theme based restaurant in India is never-ending, but the ones mentioned above are surely worth a shot.


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