10 Weird Indian Habits That Make You Laugh. . .

There are different nationalities with their unique habits, but we Indians have habits that can leave any nation behind!

  1. We wrap unwanted items as gifts
    image1We Indians totally understand the meaning of recycling and we mean it literally. Our moms love to gift the unwanted items of the house as wedding or festival gifts. We do not believe in throwing anything away!
  2. We do blunders with spellings at times
    image2Britishers left us in 1947 but we kept their language close to our hearts. Even people from our villages can put Britishers to shame when they write in English.
  3. We are very good at multi-tasking
    Multi-tasking is a child’s play for us. We live in a country where no one can survive with a single job. When we say a single job we mean it literally. Even though you are a CEO of a multi-million dollar company, you will have to take up the job to buy ‘dhaniya’ for your mom.
  4. We lick fingers in public
    To hell with the spoons and forks,we Indians lick our fingers after having food in public. Leave that alone, we even eat watery things like curd rice without spoon and then lick the curd that flows till our elbows.
  5. We squeeze our toothpaste tube
    We might waste food in our plates but we do not believe in wasting the toothpaste in the toothpaste tube. An empty toothpaste tube can run for a week in an Indian family by squeezing. If the need arises, we even cut the toothpaste tube and use the paste stuck on the edges.
  6. We clean with dirty clothes
    image6Our moms do not believe in throwing away dirty laundry we save it for the rainy day. We clean our homes and furniture with the used and worn out t-shirts. Worn out Socks make very good kitchen towels.
  7. Yes or no
    We never answer the question in a yes or no we have a habit of nodding our heads for everything. We nod our head sidewise making it difficult for the first timers to understand or guess what the answer really is.
  8. We stare
    image8We stare everything around us. Uncle, aunties, girls, boys, hot chicks, foreign tourist. Our eyes work like X-ray machines.! This is not because we are a creep or ‘tharki’ if you may call it. We are just a good… a detailed observer.
  9. Two things lift us up
    image9No matter how low we feel the moment we hear the words ‘cricket’ and ‘free’, we are lifted immediately. Cricket is like a religion in India. Even elderly women follow it. We watch the game of cricket like it is a family drama. And the word free lifts us up instantly, be it a treat or on an end of season sale.
  10. We bargain
    It doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are. Indians love to bargain even at fixed price shop. Be it a vegetable vendor or an Audi purchase, we like it a little extra, and we love it when the salesmen add, ‘Just for you, don’t tell it to anyone else.’

    Give us a high-five if you are an Indian and you are proud of your habits!


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