9 Things about Carefree Girls That Make Them Very Attractive. . .

There are many girls who take care of every little thing they do from their makeup to clothes to their hygiene and guys love these kinds of girls. But on the other hand, there are low maintenance and care-free girls who don’t think about these things at all. It doesn’t really mean that they don’t take care about their hygiene or look ugly. It simply means that they don’t have enough time to think about which type of eye lashes they should wear or what color shoes go with their dress. These are the girls who are very happy with how they look and majority of guys absolutely love to date these kinds of girls. Want to know what are the things that make these girls very attractive? Then read below 9 traits that perfectly describe carefree girls:

  1. She can go out with a bare face and feel absolutely comfortable in it. giphy.com
  2. She doesn’t take hours to get ready. It just takes her 10 minutes to be prepared for a night out. giphy.com
  3. Miniskirts? What’s that? She is happy in her t shirt and pajama and doesn’t even feel shame coming to university in it. giphy.com
  4. You won’t find hundreds of clothes in her cabinet. She is happy with her 10 to 15 dresses which she repeats all the time. giphy.com
  5. Like other girls, they are not really into creating a lot of drama over small things. They love being easy going. giphy.com
  6. You don’t need to worry about giving them expensive presents as they are happy with anything you gift them. giphy.com
  7. Brands? There is no such thing in her life. She buys anything she likes no matter where is it from. giphy.com
  8. She doesn’t really care about how she looks when she laughs or makes faces because she doesn’t want to pretend what she’s not. giphy.com
  9. You don’t have to text her 100 messages each day to make her feel loved. She won’t complain even if you don’t text her at all because she knows how much you love her. giphy.com

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