12 Things We Miss About Our Incredible University Life. . .

From bunking classes for no reason to eating in the university cafes to copying assignments, we remember each and everything about our amazing university journey. There is hardly anything which we don’t miss about our university except for making those hard and long assignments. As we get busier in our work and family, we tend to miss those university days more like anything. We want to go back to those carefree days which we spent enjoying with our best buddies who we hardly see now. If you are like us and also miss those amazing days, then see below 12 things which are definitely going to make you nostalgic about your university life.

  1. Making lame excuses to bunk a class and later on go out with your friends to have food. giphy.com And if you ever got caught, that face you made when your parents came to school to meet principal because of this.
  2. Remember when your friends were absent and you marked their attendance in different voices? giphy.com Luckily, your teacher never caught you doing this.
  3. Not completing your assignment on time and then copying it from friend on the day of submission. giphy.com While making sure you rephrase every word to avoid plagiarism.
  4. Group studies means partying hard all night with your friends. giphy.com And then regretting on exam day when you couldn’t remember a single word.
  5. Helping out each other during exams by showing your paper. giphy.com And make sure nobody notices you.
  6. Getting treats from friends all the time for all the lame reasons. giphy.com Got high marks? Give treat. Dating someone? Give treat. And this treat ritual never ends.
  7. Accept this, whenever our friends used to give presentation in class, we tried out best to make them laugh. giphy.com Just to confuse them in front of teacher.
  8. Stalking every cute girl in the university and try hard to get in her good books. giphy.com Alas! It never worked.
  9. Asking for an extra pen during class and then forgetting to give it back. giphy.com And asking for pen again in next lecture.
  10. Taking car from a friend to go on a date and showing it off to your girl. giphy.com Like it’s your own but in reality, you drive an old bike.
  11. Crying in front of your professor for one extra mark to improve your grade. giphy.com And getting failed at it every time.
  12. Taking small money loans from friends and never giving them back. giphy.com Because, they are your friends and you have a right on everything they own.

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