Get these tattoos if you love travelling. . .

If you want to take your love for travelling one notch higher and want to show it off to your friends about how much globetrotter you are, then get a tattoo etched on your skin. Yes, you are listening right; a tattoo indeed. Tattoos have always been one of the best ways to express your emotion for something or someone. So, why not get yourself inked for showing your love for travelling.

Let us check some of the coolest travel tattoos ever.

  1. Compass
    Compass was invented in ancient times to help the voyagers reach their destinations. So, for a fellow traveller like you, a compass is the perfect way to show your love to travel. You can either go for a simple design with black shade or a colourfully complex one.
  2. World Map
    A world map on a visible part of your body is one of the best ways to show your love for travelling. It depicts how much you are eager to explore the world.
  3. Aeroplane
    Aeroplane depicts a journey to discover new places. A design of an aeroplane with a heart shaped tail, definitely shows what your heart is following.
  4. Latitude Longitude
    Etching latitude and longitude on your body is a smart way of conveying your travel-love.
  5. Two Hands- Two Tattoos
    You can get your two arms tattooed with two different tattoos. It will mean you are a serious traveller.
  6. Post Card
    Postcards, although are becoming obsolete, yet they are definitely an in-thing when it comes to travel tattoo design. Decorate it with flowers or birds to show your love for flora and fauna.
  7. Anchor
    Anchor represents attaching to something. So, an anchor as tattoo will mean you are attached to something, may be travelling.
  8. Wanderlust
    This is definitely the best expression for showing how much you lust for travelling.
  9. Wanderlust (again)
    A world map with wanderlust written beneath it is unassumingly a great idea for a tattoo.
  10. Tent
    We generally stay in a tent when we are out for hiking or trekking. A tent by the side of the river done in a very colourful manner is definitely a poetic justice you are giving to your love for travelling.
  11. Arrows
    Arrow represents a specific direction and it tells us to follow wherever our heart takes us.
  12. World
    Travel around the world and get it inked on your arm or wherever you like- definitely a cool idea.
  13. Tower
    This is a simple yet an innovative way for showing your love for travelling.

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