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Just like seasons change our style should also have some change and a different definition. New trending hairstyle fills us up to the brim with confidence and style! Hairstyles being the most important part of every season lookneeds to be taken care of very intensely. So, here are some of the trending hairstyles, which will definitely add a different style statement to your look.

  1. The Buzz:
    Yes, you heard it right. The buzz is a very trending hairstyle, which if carried properly will surely create a buzz in your life. Millie Bobby Brown inspires this celebrity hairstyle. This look will surely make you look fresh. To maintain a feminist in this look, keep the edges little softer. You need a lot of maintenance for this hairstyle. It should be cut properly. So, to create a buzz you need to take a lot of fuss!
  2. The Slicked Back-Bob:
    Girls who already have Bob can easily go with this style, inspired by Kristen Stewart. Keeping your long grown bobs behind ears and tucking them at the back gives it a whole new style of haircut. The hairstyle is surely easy to maintain and does not require a lot of styling.
  3. Bardot Bangs:
    The 70’s trend, which has returned with great fashion style, is Bardot bangs. A soft, fringy bang, which gives a soft 70’s vibe, is trending a lot these days. Inspired by celebrity Ciara, it is a transfer of long bob into the light and wispy bangs. The hairstyle looks best if parted in middle and does not require a lot of maintenance.
  4. Bangs with Curls:
    This hairstyle is the personal favorite of a lot of people and is inspired by St. Vincent. The hairstyle is rolling over by being adopted by a lot of big celebrities and people in general. This cut surely has a lot of positives such as thickness, textures, weight, and a bag full of style. This look can be of high maintenance as well as low maintenance. So, if you get bored with your hairstyle and want to grow them longer, this hairstyle will surely require negligible maintenance. This hairstyle is very trending and should be on the top of your priority list.
  5. The Midlength Textured Cut:
    Inspired by Rose Byrne, this hairstyle is also gaining a lot of attention. For those who have long textured face, this hairstyle will surely suit to your style and personality. The medium length style is little squarer at the back just below your shoulders and has very pretty layers. Also, the good news is that it does not require too much of your time on its maintenance. So, look fabulous by having this amazing hairstyle with natural texture.
  6. The Box Bob:
    The famous La La Land queen Emma Stone inspires this hairstyle. The hairstyle has got same length sweepy fringes without layers. If possible, create loose waves to give this hairstyle a perfect look. The look, if adopted, will give you a perfect summer and spring fashion statement.
  7. The Layered Lob:
    For those who have become bored of having Bob and want something more natural and different, this hairstyle is surely what you are looking for. Inspired by Rosie Huntington, the hairstyle is little messier and looks best with loose curls.

So, it is high time to hit a salon and do something adventurous and creative with your pretty hair locks!

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