8 Things You Can Relate To If You Grew Up In Small Town. . .

Small town living is like a close-knit family community. There is a unique charm to it that never lets you go bored. Almost everyone knows you or at least your name. You are continually up to something in a small town.

You know most of the shops and there will be just one or two movie theater for entertainment but that’s okay. A little boredom, hours of staring at the ceiling or meeting same people over and over again many times a day But that’s not all! Here are other things that you can relate to as well –

  1. You hate everyone you grew up with

    Whether it’s those horrible teachers or same kids you went kindergarten with or limited friends, you kinda hate everyone. You are likely to graduate with the same kids at your kindergarten because it’s a small town.

  2. Everyone knows about you

    That might be the most annoying thing to deal with. Everyone seems to know every tiny detail about you and your life. No secrets, oops!

  3. You are on cloud nine when new restaurant opens

    You have probably a couple of places to try the food at or just one or two coffee shops. There is every reason to freak out with joy when something new opens up.

  4. Movies or gully cricket was your idea of fun

    What else is there to do in a small town, right?

  5. You tell people that yours is a kind of big city in that area

    You have trained yourself to respond with the name of a big city whenever anyone asks you about your whereabouts.

  6. Your grocery store was one stop shop for everything

    There are no malls that you went to while growing up. So there had been one grocery store with everything you possibly need.

  1. Dating kids from other schools were cool

    To bring a mystery stranger from other school was supposed to be cool.

  1. Everyone went to the same doctor

    No matter if you needed different doctors for different concerns, people will swear by one doctor that can cure it all.


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