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Let’s accept it, people! Though the majority of us think he’s overrated, there’s also a huge fan club of Chetan Bhagat. He accepts what he is. “All my books are overrated,” said Chetan Bhagat, once to The Hindustan Times. It started with “Five Point Someone” and continues with “One Indian Girl” last year. Whether you’ve just started with his books or an old fan, you would raise hands that these are the most overrated books of Chetan Bhagat:

    1. One Night @ the Call Center: A Novel
      Released in 2005, this was the second novel by Chetan Bhagat. The story is solely in and around the people working in Call Center as the title hints. The story is the compilation of struggles, emotions, ambitions, and sorrows, of a group of friends (more of colleagues) working together at the call center.

      Though the book represents the turmoil of the middle-class people in India with six different perspectives, yet there are loads of things which you find absolutely trash.
      Everyone is facing hardships in the story but one life-threatening incident makes them lucky enough to have a pep talk with God. Okay, how boring can this get? Well, check out the movie “Hello” based on this novel!
      We have read, heard, and seen many such dubious incidents in India. But this one, was not interesting.
    2. 2 States
      This book was beautifully adapted in the movie “2 States”. And there were moments where we all felt warmth for the couple (Like: Love marriages around the world are simple. In India, there are a few more steps). Two people from different states, different worlds, meets and falls in love. And on the way to getting married. But you know it’s not that easy in India!
      Interstate or interethnic marriages, whatever you call, are not a taboo in India but it does have its boundaries. Overall, you may feel that the story has all the elements yet it can’t be listed as one of the greatest love stories.
    3. Revolution 2020
      The majority of us would agree that this book was not at all related to something called ‘revolution’.
      Checkout a hilarious video of Chetan Bhagat with Arnub!
      It’s a story of three friends, who were once best friends, are diverted to different routes in the later life. Eventually, they get tangled into same situations and ends up into a triangular love story.
      Nothing makes it phenomenal except the few dark facts incorporated in the book about Indian education system, exams, it’s impacts and the depth of double-dealings in India.
      Watch this sensational interview of Chetan Bhagat on the book Revolution 2020.The book could have been bearable if the focus was not diverted from its real purpose (remember the newspaper “Revolution 2020” in the book?) than the love story.
    4. Half Girlfriend
      Okay, now Chetan Bhagat fans might not agree on this one. But you can’t deny the fact that the very concept of “half-girlfriend” in itself is a freakish one.
      Two completely different people from different societies and states agree to have a relationship that is half fake and half real. There’s nothing wrong, everyone makes their own choices. Yet the caricaturist satire of the story does not help to uplift the various shades of a platonic relationship.

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