Meet The Person: Creative Minds Behind Biggest Online Companies. . .

Amazon, Alibaba, Google, Twitter, Netflix, Baidu, Facebook and many such companies are always on the home-screen of your gizmo. They’re ubiquitous and have smartly integrated with our lives. Hence, you can’t live without them or with them (sometimes, it’s addictive!). But how did they manage to get into our lives so easily? Was it tough or was it just an idea? Let’s check out who were those super-talented minds that made it big through the internet:

  1. Jeff Bezos:
    He’s the second-richest man in the world with the net worth of $US 72.8 billion (as of March 2017). He’s an engineer, entrepreneur, and investor. He’s famously known as the founder and owner of Inc, world’s largest internet-based retailer company.
    Jeff started his career in Wall Street and now owns the company like “Amazon” and “The Washington Post”. He also owns “Blue Origin”, a human spaceflight startup company and “Bezos Expeditions” which has almost 42 investments in more than 25 companies including Airbnb, Uber, Business Insider, Twitter, and more.
    Check out the new look of Jeff Bezos’ capsule. space tourism
  2. Larry Page, Sergey Brin:
    Have you ever googled “Google”? If you have, then these two names must be familiar to you. Meet the founders of Google Inc, (most popular search engine in the world) Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

    Larry, a computer scientist, and an Internet entrepreneur, now runs “Alphabet Inc”, the parent company of Google. Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin, the Russian-born America computer scientist, is an internet entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Brin, at present, is the President of Alphabet Inc.
  3. Ma Huateng:
    Ma Huateng aka “Pony Ma” is the Chinese internet entrepreneur, more popular as the founder, president, and CEO of Tencent Inc, the biggest internet companies and largest gaming company in the world.

    His net worth is US$23.9 billion, making him one of the richest tech billionaires in the world. Tencent today provides many services like social networking, web portals, mobile games, online multiplayer games, and e-commerce.

  4. Jack Ma:

    Ma Yun aka Jack Ma is another popular name in Asia known widely all over the world as the founder of Alibaba Group, the second largest e-commerce company in the world.
    Here’s something from the self-made Ma, that will want you to google him:
    Ma addressed what money means to him as a wealthy person: “I believe when you have $1 million, that’s your money – when you have $20 million, you start to have a problem. When you have $1 billion, that’s not your money, that’s the trust society gave you. They believe you can manage the money better than the government and others.”

  5. Jan Koum:
    Jan is a young internet entrepreneur, known for his remarkable mobile application called “WhatsApp”. He and Brian Acton together founded WhatsApp which is at present the world’s most favorite messaging app.

    rags-to-riches story
    Jan is a Ukrainian-American computer programmer is currently the CEO of WhatsApp Inc. His rags-to-riches story is worth reading.


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