Phases of Grocery Shopping. . .

It is time you buy your groceries!! It is either the first week of the month or you cannot afford fancy home deliveries anymore, hence, you decide to hit the grocery store. But wait!!!! This is going to be an emotional and a roller coaster ride so hold on and grab your seats.

  1. Stare at the fridge and your storage rack
    When you look inside your fridge and the storage racks, there is absolutely nothing you find other than the ice tray. This generally happens when you are hungry as hell, and you donot find anything to binge on when you open the fridge.
  2. You decide to go shopping for grocery
    You decide that you need to stop being lazy and move out of the house to buy the stuff. But these days you also have the online store to purchase your grocery from. Butyou can’t wait much as you are hungry, so you decide to go out and get the things you want.
  3. Make a list
    Making a list is of prime importance before you hit the grocery store because you often tend to forget the important things and later you regret it on reaching home.
  4. You drive
    You are hungry as hell, hence you drive like a lunatic.
  5. Reach the store.
    Yes!!Finally, you made it to the store and you pull the rack to start shopping.
  6. Hunt for items from the list
    This is the most irritating part of your shopping because you are unaware of the placements. It takes you hours to figure out which section has what. And while walking to find the real needs, you end up picking hundred unwanted things that you think you might need.
  7. You bump into someone you know
    You waste an hour because you bump into a cute girl or a boy that you want to follow. Or you end up meeting a friend and tell them the story of how you landed up grocery shopping.
  8. More unwanted things excite you.
    You stare at the things that have cool packaging. But you have still not completed shopping from the list. You convince yourself that you want these cool stuff sometime, may be in the future and pick more of it.
  9. You pick healthy food
    Well, you think that you will hit healthy and pick up a lot of veggies and fruits. You start planning the time you will hit the gym tomorrow.
  10. You arrive at the fast food and junk counter.
    You are so hungry that you open the packet of chips and eat it. You order yourself a frozen pizza and eat it. Now you feel content and rethink that you will go healthy from tomorrow.
  11. You reach the beverage section
    Because you ate the pizza you buy the bottle of coke and start sipping it aswell.
  12. Hit the daunting line
    You are in a never ending queue. And it somehow happens that the guy at the billing desk is the slowest of all. You curse him in your mind and wait patiently for your turn.
  13. You are billed
    Wait, what??? Really that is my bill. You take out some of the fancy stuff you thought would be useful in future. Still, the bill is way too much!
  14. You walk out
    All depressed and empty pockets. Thinking you will plan shopping a better way next time.

Let us know if you follow this routine too!!!!


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