Stupid Questions Kids Ask Their Parents All The Time. . .

Most of us think that our parents can be really irritating when they ask us questions or they tell us what to do and what not to do. But have we ever thought that we ask endless questions to our parents and that can also be irritating! Kids can be a real pain in their parents’ ass and we all can relate to itas all of us have asked our parents these questions at least once.

  1. What is the difference between moong dal and toor dal?
    Once you are married, the pressure of cooking sets in the moment you are away from home, but most kids are unaware of the varieties of daal available in the market.So, if your husband says moong dal ki pakore bana lo.. you call up you mom to ask; “ Ma,ye moong daal kaisi dikhti hai?”
  2. Cheque kaise likhte hai?
    The moment you join your job or go away from your home, you need to write a cheque to pay the bills or pay the rent.But the irony is that you have never filled a pay-in slip nor have you written a cheque before. You call up your dad and ask “How to write a cheque?” after your graduation.
  3. Where is it?
    If you lose any piece of document you call up your parents. If it is a piece of cloth,you call your mom and if it is a document you call your dad. Even when they explain that it is in the third drawer of the left almirah, you never find it.But the moment they come, the things appear at the exact place magically.
  4. I have a stomach ache, what medicine to take?
    Every time you have a headache or a stomach ache you call up your parents to ask suggestion for the medicine, instead of going to the doctor. It can be irritating at times because if they say, “Beta, take ajwain methi for stomach ache”, you negate by saying, “It is not gas!”
  5. Is the dinner ready?
    Even when you see that the kitchen is in a mess and your mom is not done with cooking, you still ask her if she finished her cooking and if she can serve you food. Most of the times your mom is polite and tells you to wait for another 5 minutes, but the truth is that you are dumb! When you know the status,why do you ask!
  6. What is the recipe?
    Really?? In the era of the internet and YouTube, you still bother your mom asking what is the recipe of the aaloo sabzi that she makes? Or ma, there are 5 people coming for dinner, what is the quantity of rice and dal, I need to soak?
  7. How much detergent?
    Remember the first time you operated your washing machine? You call up your mom to ask how much detergent you need to put. The thing is that there is an instruction manual! So, why don’t you read that?

These are some of the things every child bugs their parents with. If you have some more additions to this list, let us know.


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