Things Indians Who Grew Up in Middle Class Family Will Understand. . .

Growing up in any Indian family, especially in a middle class home of India is obviously eventful. The reason for this is that Indian people are famous for various things. Particularly, Indians are famous for Jugaad activities and they are famous for them. Here we would discuss about a few of the famous Jugaad things, which individuals who grew up in a middle class family understand very well and usually do in their homes.

  1. Hectic to Fix TV Antenna in Rains
    Every time while rain takes place, young members of the middle class family have to bear the hectic task of fixing TV antennas by running to the terrace. Furthermore, the most difficult situation is the one when young boys of the middle class family have to stand on a terrace ledge tuning and twisting of a rusted antenna, while other members of the family keep their eyes on TV and shout from their balconies “working” or “not working”. Even in a few cases, siblings may tease by shouting as “nahi aaya”, even though they watch their favorite shows happily.
  2. Squeezing of Toothpaste
    Most of the times, children of a middle class family use their toothpastes by squeezing them, until and unless it appears as damaged in such a way that a road roller run over it. Another funny fact, in this case is that individuals of a middle class family may not require going to a gym or any fitness center, as they direct all of their muscular strength by flattening an empty tube and suck life from it.
  3. Problem of Hitting Hard with a Chappal
    Middle class grown up children, especially boys, are well familiar with the fact of dealing with the problem related to hitting hard with a chappal (sleeper) at least for one time in their lives. In fact, everyone in a middle class family knows that chappals deploy for setting naughty boys to go in the right direction forever.
  4. Jugaad in School Uniform
    Being middle class family, parents and caregivers may not be able to afford to spend money to buy new uniform every year for their children. In this situation, they purchase oversize uniforms, so that they may last for about 3 to 4 years. In simple words, parents never mind that their children roam across appearing as Peter Pan wearing pants of the Hulk.
  5. Going to Shop Number of Times for Purchases
    Whenever the mother ran out to find something in the kitchen, you get the order to run to the nearby grocery shop to buy a packet of tea, flour, or oil. After this, when you return sweating all over and panting, another member of your family most probably your sister may say “Oh! Rose water is not here in the bathroom, it was also needed!”
  6. Going to School in a Two-wheeler
    Regardless of the car in the home, parents usually drop you to the school in a two-wheeler whenever you missed the bus. In addition, few times your brother or sister and you squeeze in over the backseat and may hold it tight.

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