Things You Know if You Are Married Into A Marwari Family. . .

Most Marwari families are deeply rooted in traditions and still stay in joint families. Their story and their wedding are much like a Bollywood movie. Ever heard of business sense? Marwaris can literally sell sand on the beach!They have a big heart and you must consider yourself lucky if you are married into a Marwari family.

  1. There will be food, a lot of it!
    You are bound to get those love handles, doesn’t matter if you hit the gym. There will be food all around you and you cannot ignore it. Everyonein your family will be fantastic cooks and they will ask you to taste. Once you taste the food, you will think,“Ah, let me start my diet from tomorrow”. But tomorrow will never come.
  2. Sweets and fried food will be your staple diet
    There will be sweets for every occasion. Be it a small pooja, rakhi, wedding or a birthday.There will be times when your mom-in-law will get sweets because there are no sweets at home. Also,marwaris love it fried.Be it papad or puri, you will get a lot of it.
  3. Too many poojas
    There will be a neverending saga of poojas.Marwaris are very traditional and orthodox mostly.They believe that “Mata Rani can sort a lot of shit in life”., So pack some extra bangle sets and bandhej saris, if you are getting married in a Marwari family.
  4. Weddings lasts for fifteen days
    No kidding. There are various functions like moong, geet and then sangeet, haldi and god knowswhat not, before the real wedding kicks in.If you are the bride or the groom, be prepared to be loaded with jewelries and colorful clothes for every event.
  5. Ladies put a lot of Mehndi
    Mehndi is considered to be very auspicious by the marwaris and they put Mehndi for every small occasion.In some famalies, it is so intense that married women never have plain hands, it is always painted with Mehndi.
  6. You are expected to be intelligent
    You cannot be a blonde in a Marwari family. They take interest in everything. Food, politics, business, making money. They are born entrepreneurs and if you are planning to get married to a Marwari, you better start planning your reading time for those intellectual debates you will encounter.
  7. Drinking is not their thing
    Marwaris just get high on food and business. Booze and drunk nights are just not their thing. They have a very less appetite for liquor. It sometimes can happen that the food bill of a marwari can exceed the liquor bill of the entire table.
  8. Leheriya, bandhani, and Gota.
    These are the three types of work on sarees that every Marwari lady will possess. They love their clothes and try to make them as colorful as possible.

We would say that if you are getting married into a Marwari family, get ready for a ball and a lot of pampering from everyone around you.


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