Most Influential Slogans Of World’s Top Companies. . .

Words are one of the most powerful tools to impact your mind instantly. And these companies learned pretty soon that folks may or may not remember their ads or names, but their slogans are definitely to stay longer on our minds! Here are few of the top influential slogans from companies all around the globe to refill your day with zeal!

  1. Just do it:
    So small, so powerful. You get an instant click about the brand “Nike” when you see this slogan. The tagline appeared as a commercial in 1988, featuring Walt Stack, an 80-year-old runner at that time.
  2. Think different:

    Now that’s how you shout out your passion! Apple Inc. has been using this slogan since 1997. This grammatically incorrect statement was a part of the black and white ad featuring dozens of famous personalities and became one of the classic ads of all time.
  3. Good to the last drop:

    Maxwell House has been using this slogan for its coffee since a decade. The company has never departed from this slogan since 1907, claiming to be coming from the then president Teddy Roosevelt.
  4. The Ultimate Driving Machine:

    Well, there are a few companies that are on the list with Bayerische Motoren Werke aka BMW. But BMW just nailed it!
  5. Take Care:

    Now how many times we say or hear these words in a day? Zillion times! Short, simple and remarkable! This slogan of Garnier says everything they’re passionate about.
  6. Imagination at work:
    The General Electric Co. decided to change their slogan from “We bring good things to life” to “Imagination at work” in 2003. And this slogan is the proof that GE is changing the world with one idea at a time (as they say!).
  7. A Diamond is Forever:

    This slogan made diamonds a “must have” on the marriage lists. De Beer’s this ad become the best advertising slogan of the 20th century and the rest we know (what diamonds can do!).
  8. Because I’m worth it:

    This slogan now changed to “We’re worth it” and nothing can possibly beat this! The slogan instantly struck a chord with women as it was introduced at the time when feminism was in the full swing. And made L’Oreal one of the most popular cosmetic brands in the world.
  9. Got milk?

    It’s a simple question that turned into one of the most famous slogans of all the time. This iconic slogan with milk mustaches on famous cartoons and celebs made boring milk a valuable product. It was created by a U.S. advertising agency named Goodby Silverstein & Partners in 1993 for California Milk Processor Board.
  10. We try harder:
    The rivalry between Hertz and Avis, top car rentals in the US, led Avis to create a simple yet powerful slogan. Coined in 1962, the ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach changed “being second best” view to “they try harder” mindset and within a year, Avis earned $1.2 million.

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