8 Facts To Prove That Only Ranveer Can Endorse Durex Like a Boss. . .

Ranveer Singh is just one of its kind. He is one of the most spontaneous actors in the Bollywood who is known for his wit and ‘never say die’ attitude. Before you know, Ranveer steals the limelight at any occasion. These days, he is endorsing Durex unlike any other successful actor before and he does it like a pro.


Ranveer has changed the game of B-Town and he is unapologetically honest about everything from his love life to sex life. Here are the facts that prove that he is killing it everywhere, from endorsing Durex to taking up new challenges –

  1. Ranveer is not just endorsing Durex but also focused towards creating an awareness about condoms. Where many people are judging him, you can trust him for doing the impossible even in the B-Town.
  2. Ranveer loves taking up challenges. Remember when he took up the ‘Bang Bang’ challenge and nailed it?
  3. Ranveer loves drama, that’s why he is the unconquerable king of Dubsmash. No wonder he can do anything he wants to.
  4. Only Ranveer can dress up like that to receive his “GQ Man Of The Year” Award.
  5. Just like the new Durex ad, Ranveer can pull off anything, just anything.
  6. He is always in news for his PDA for Deepika and he barely gives a damn to what people think.
  7. He is always full of energy, spontaneous and never holds back his true self.
  8. He does not shy away from talking about his sexual experiences. According to him, sex is a topic that should not be considered as a taboo rather it calls for awareness.


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