Things That Yogi Adityanath Did Right After Becoming The CM. . .

Most politicians make promises and forget them as soon as they comeinto power. But this is not the case with the popular and much talked about CM Yogi Adityanath. He shook the media and the entire UP after being elected as the CM. He did things that the janta never expected would happen ever in UP. Here is a quick list of things that Yogi did after coming in power.

  1. Sealed illegal slaughter houses
    This was what looks like on the top priority of the BJP Sarkar.Yogi dealt it like a boss and ordered all the illegal slaughter houses to be shut down. Many slaughter houses in Varanasi, Allahabad, Lucknow were shut down and this brought many meat shop owners to sit on a strike.
  2. Goodbye VIP culture
    When Adityanath came to power, he asked all his ministers to bid goodbye to the VIP culture. He made it clear that none of his ministers will use the redbeacon on their cars.
  3. Monitoring social Media
    There is a strange power in the hands of police now. Yogi asked the UP police to be very vigilant and active on social media so that they can curb crime and help the needy. The monitoring will also have a focus on the communal harmony and increasing peace across the state.
  4. Women safety
    Yogi has asked the police to give special attention to women’s safety.He believes that each and every woman should feel safe in UP and defaulters caught eve-teasing or doing any malicious activities would be given strict punishments. UP Police has to keep this on priority and ensure that every woman in UP has liberty and feels safe to walk out of their homes.
  5. Ministers Net worth
    Most governments put blame on the opposition and forget about their own ministers. But Yogi changed the game in total. He asked all his ministers to submit their overall networth within the next 15 days. This is viewed as a sign of cleaner politics and even cleaner UP.
  6. Watch your mouth
    Yogi asked the ministers to watch out what they speak in public. Yogi asked the ministers to pick their words carefully.
  7. No gutka in public offices
    Yogi government is taking, “The Swach Bharat” really seriously, and he has banned chewing of pan masala inside the public offices. We think this is a brilliant move and this will stop people from chewing gutka and spitting it on the walls.
  8. Anti Romeo squad
    Many think that this squad is foolishness but Yogi banned drinking alcohol roadside in UP and asked anti-Romeo squad to be formed. Police said that this is inhuman because earlier the same squad was formed and criticized heavily.
    Kudos to Yogi! We think that he will take UP to newer heights and we all will look forward to this soon. Let’s hope that all the promises made by Yogi are also implemented and carried out in a successful way.

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