7 Reasons Why Your Brother will Always Remain the most Important Man in your Life. . .

Having a brother means having a protector, best friend, guide and a bully all in one.
You may fight with him, hate him for snatching your food and remote, push your boundaries and talk to you in syllables for few days, but your brother will always remain the most dependable man in your life after your father. However irritating he maybe, he would be the one who cares the most and protects you the most. He would be at the center of your universe, silently keeping a watch over you. Here are few reasons why your brother will always remain the most important man in your life:

  1. He would be your first room-mate
    Your brother would be the first person you would be sharing your room with and hence you have so many memories from all that late-night chats, fights over who got the larger cupboard and such. Those room sharing days are more than precious.
  2. He knows how to make you smile
    He has seen you in your every phase and knows you inside out. He knows what irritates you, what makes you smile, what makes you angry, when you are hungry, when you are about to cry and every other small detail. However, the best thing about him would be that he can make you smile instantly.
  3. He would be your first friend
    Your memories of “first” would have your brother in them. He was your first play-mate, your partner-in-crime, your partner when you first saw your horror movie or any other movie, the one with whom you shared your late night ice-cream cravings and so on.
  4. He will go out-of-the-way to do anything for you
    He may keep on saying that you are good for nothing but he would do anything and everything for you. Your brother can’t see you in tears or trouble and would go to any limit to brng that smile back on your face. He can fight the entire world if need be and has already grown up standing up against your parents for you.
  5. He would be very honest
    He would be both your admirer and your critic. He would speak in mind and give honest opinions about everything whether you like it or not. Whether it is about selecting which subjects to choose in school or selecting a life-partner, your brother would give honest opinions and would know what is best for you.
  6. He would be the one you can have long talk-sessions with
    Whenever you are feeling low or be excited about something, your brother is the one you go to talk to. Your crazy talking sessions are amazing and memorable. No matter how old you get, your talking sessions will forever be the part of you both.
  7. He would never judge you
    He would never ever judge you for any of your actions. On the contrary he knows you like the back of his hand and would understand why you did what you did. Also he would be quick to forgive and forget.

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