Top Indian Beauty Brands That Will Blow Your Mind!. . .

We understand that it’s sometimes frivolous to keep up with your skin care and essential works. It’s literally stars and garters to pick up the best makeup products and even beauty routines when you live in places like India! There’s heat, smoke, humidity, pollution, and (rain too) everything in the way between your skin and you. So why not try hands on few Indian beauty products that simply blends like a second skin!

  1. For the affordable ones:
    Many women and girls in India don’t use makeup products as daily routines. It’s not that we don’t like makeup or beauty products, it’s simply either out-of-our-budget or not our favorite.
    But you should know that there are a few Indian products you’ll love to put on at any time of the day. “Elle18” brand offers copious colors, and they’re of great quality too.
    Haven’t heard about “StreetWear- Color Rich” yet? Well, this child company of Revlon is launched exclusively to imbue the beauty of Indian women.
    And for those lovely ladies who go easy on the colors, but puts sophistication on the top of the list, will definitely love “Coloressence”. Girls and women who follow the organic mantra can try “Lotus Herbals”. They’re natural, super-great on the skin and affordable.
  2. The Color Lovers:
    Who doesn’t love the colors! Some stick to subtle ones while some like to be bold and use every color created by God!
    Of course, “Elle18” rules the charts when it’s all about colors in makeup. But there’s also “Colorbar” which provides absolutely stunning shades in all of its products, be it eye shadows, lipsticks or nail paints.
  3. Skin Conscious:
    You do need to take care of your skin from all that heavy cosmetics. Girls who love to keep their skin healthy would definitely agree that Indian brands like “Khadi”, “Biotique”, “Forest Essentials”, “Just Herbs”, and more are absolute delights for their skin.
  4. The Traveling Bee:
    Are you one of those who travels a lot and needs something which is small, effective and of supreme grade? All you need is handmade soaps and lip balms by “Fuschia Natural Cosmetics”, bath bombs by “Iraya”, a body polish by “Azafran Organics”, and mini lipsticks by “Bharat & Dorris”.
    And of course, a kohl by “Soul Tree” in your favorite shade. Even a facial kit of your choice by “Astaberry” is the best Indian product to refresh your skin.
  5. The vegan lovers:
    There are some of us like who take “vegan” label very seriously, even for makeup products. Thanks to Indian makeup brands like “Naked”, “FabIndia”, “Kama Ayurveda” and more, being vegan is easy.
    Just google and you’ll be surprised to see a long list of Indian brands that are vegan!
  6. The sybaritic:
    Be it the luxurious body butter or the 24 karat gold moisturizer, when you want everything to look expensive in your beauty bag, you know which Indian brands to go for.
    There’s “Nyassa”, “Lakme”, “Biobloom”, “Naked”, “Jovees”, “SkinYoga”, and more to help you look and feel great (and ritzy too, wink).

Did we miss something? Let us know what you think and have a great, beautiful skin!

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