5 Things To Be Learnt From Indian Idol 9 Winner LV Revanth. . .

Indian Idol 9 winner LV Revanth is an inspiration for all of us. Most importantly, he knows it is just the beginning for him.

LV Revanth who is a very popular singer in the South and who has even sung the song “Manohari” for Bahubali: The Beginning won the Indian Idol 9 title and along with it the Rs 25 lakhs prize money. He has to his kitty almost 200 songs in Telugu and hence a great experience which maybe worked in his favor. However, he didn’t have it easy and had a pretty fierce competition with other contestants like Khuda Baksh, Maalavika Sundar and Rohit PVNS. Since LV Revanth was already established in Tollywood he was often bombed with questions and comments like, “Why does he need a show like Indian Idol?”, “Maybe he is doing this for publicity”, “If he loses, it would be so embarrassing for him!” and such. However he has proved his worth by winning the title and here are few things that we can all learn from him:

  1. Being at par with those less experienced than him
    Often those who are at a senior level, hate being at par with those at junior level. Revanth who has made his place in Telugu industry competed with singers of all levels. He could have had an advantage of his experience over other competitors but the major disadvantage he had was his poor knowledge of Hindi which he had to overcome. On the contrary he was extremely humble and considered himself equivalent with others. Eventually his experience in Telugu industry didn’t matter at all.
  2. Taking risks
    Every contestant who participates in a show like Indian Idol is looking for a break. It was kind of a risk to move out of the comfort of Telugu industry where he is established. He did it to get an entry in Bollywood and it can be said that the risk paid off. He got noticed and eventually won the show.
  3. Starting from zero
    Revanth was prepared to start his career from the scratch. He chased his dream of becoming a playback singer in Bollywood and hence will now be starting from zero. Winning the title of Indian Idol is only the first step in this journey.
  4. Facing weakness
    Revanth is basically a South Indian and hence his basic weakness is lack of Hindi language. He takes a lot of time and effort to speak properly and correctly in Hindi. However he knows his weakness and has taken a lot of efforts to overcome this difficulty.
  5. Taking feedbacks in good stride
    Revanth received quite a few negative comments on the show and some even felt that at times he didn’t receive proper comments as compared to those received by other contestants. He also came in bottom 5 list twice. However he didn’t let that affect him, worked hard on the negative feedbacks and grew from that.

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