Hair Goals For Girls In Summer. . .

With summer comes time to change your look,especially your hair. Here are few hair goals for summer.

With summer almost setting in, it is time to brace us for the season. It is time to prepare our body for the upcoming hot days and most important of all is how we treat our hair. Season changes affect hair a lot and hence,it is vital that they are treated in a right manner. What look you keep and how they are maintained is very crucial. However, summer is also the time when you can experiment. Here are few hair goals that a girl should have this summer:

  1. Go short and simple
    Summer is the time when you can go for a shorthaircut. Experiment with a different hair-do like going for extreme layers cut or simply create some textures by having a soft layers haircut. If simple is what you are looking for, this would be a perfect one.
  2. Ponytail and Bun Mixture
    A ponytail and bun hybrid is also known as “Pun”. Puns are the perfect way to keep your hair off your neck. Summer heat and hair on the neck don’t go hand-in-hand and become very irritable. If done perfectly, Pun would give you a great casual look and can even be worn at work.
  3. Braids
    Braids never go out of fashion. There are plenty of braid styles that you can choose from according to what look you are opting for like French Braid, The Fishtail Braid, The Dutch Braid and so on. Whether you are dressing up for a party, a casual hangout or office, there is a braid for every occasion. With no maintenance needed at all, Braids will give you a perfect summer look.
  4. Teased Curls
    Very light curls that can be achieved by curling hair and by using mousse on each section of slightly damp hair. They are known as teased curls. Later on, use one hand to scrunch your hair and hence creating texture. Brush off the hair very lightly and complete your look. Once done; your hair will look great and also will be long lasting.
  5. Nude Hair
    Nude hair is nothing new but is just back in trend. There are no highlights or any visible changes. The nude hair look would be an overall neutral and consistent natural look thus, making it a very low maintenance for the season.
  6. Sleek Hair
    Sleek and straightened hair always looks great. Whatever the occasion is, sleek hair works well. You can apply a straightening cream or used a straightener. Once the hair is straightened, you can try taking a puff by brushing back the sides and pinning them on top. However, this would not suit all. If the puff doesn’t suit you, just stick with normal straightened hair.
  7. Fringed Hair
    Fringes are here to stay. Fringes look great with ponytail, messy hairdo, swept off to-a-side look, curtained hair-do and practically every style. Whether you keep your hair short or long, fringes would definitely work well.

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