Stereotypes of HR Professionals in Every Company. . .

Whenever a company has 10 or more than 10 employees, it always creates a new position i.e. HR personnel. These people are more or less similar to magic ministry, as mentioned in the world of Harry Potter, as they usually appear in the very minute a person creates any problem. In this article, you will come to know about few stereotypes shown by HR personnel in any company.

  1. Diplomatic Behavior with Candidates
    Most of the HR personnel of a company deal with new candidates in a diplomatic way. They usually say, “We will provide you information about any new opening in our company.” This is obviously a pleasant way for any HR team to reject you but at the same time, to keep you on a leash. You will hear about direct rejection in very rare cases, as if HRs do such activity, there would not remain any personal touch.
  2. Bringing New Documents Frequently
    The majority of HR’s in a company frequently bring out new documents related to the company’s policies and procedures. A few of them even opt to do such things on every next week, particularly on throwback Thursdays. In fact, HR professionals have a strong love for their documents.
  3. Official Announcements on Parties
    Another noticing habit of the HR department and its professionals working in different companies is that they like to bring out birthday celebration or any other special event to motivate and engage the organizational employees. In addition, in big companies, HR’s drop an official mail about the birthday celebration. However, when employees reach there, they hardly find anything about the worthy celebration other than cutting a cake.
  4. Play Roles as Cheerleaders
    Most of the human resource people underwent good training to possess highest possible energy limits even from the time they were pursuing MBA in business schools. In simple words, HR people are most energetic ones working in offices and because of this, corporate employees convert into cheerleaders.
  5. Online Availability in Most Cases
    Most of the cases and in most of the times, you will find HR personnel via emails, online chats and even with the help of intercom calls. However, you will hardly find such individuals in person.
  6. Sudden Personal Appearances
    Despite for maximum time, you will find HR people via online chats or calls, there would be one time when HR people make their personalized appearances. In this situation, you should be sure about any issue and be preparedto get a warning from your superior or the company. Hence, you should pray that HR only gives you responses via online mediums.
  7. Personal Touch
    Last, but not the least, HR professionals working in any company, irrespective of its size believes solely in the concept of knowing employees personally. For this, HR’s may bombard with sudden pleasant questions like, “Hey, how was your Sunday holiday?” In this situation, you would likely feel good, as they appear to show concern towards you. However, you never get any indication when it would lead to a problem in front of you.

In conclusion, HR professionals of a company possess many stereotypes, but still, they are equally important for the success of a big company.


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