Rules Which Every Royal Kid Needs To Follow. . .

It is not easy to be Royal! Here are some stringent rules that need to be followed by every royal kid.

Since childhood we always fantasize about the life of the royals and always believing that prince and princesses are bound to feel special and be treated in a certain manner. But we should now understand that there are some protocols, which even these royal kids are adhered to and cannot ignore at all.

Being born in a royal family brings a lot of baggage of rules with it. No matter how lavish the life of a royal is but there are some rules that even the kids cannot ignore.

Let us bring some light on some of these not to be ignored protocols followed by every Royal kid:

  1. One must wear shorts:

    Shorts are a very influential part of the Royal family traditions since generations. Even the most favorite and adorable Prince George is also majorly seen wearing shorts instead of dungarees or trousers, as shorts are considered to be British class marker. Hence, wearing shorts is a very English thing, which every newborn prince needs to follow, as it demonstrates English etiquettes and class.
  2. A Royal Kid should not eat packaged food:
    Packaged food is surely not for Royals. According to the royal chef Darren McGrady, royals prefer only organic fruits and vegetable as their staple diet. Though it has been heard that the little prince George gives a hard time when it comes to eating green, but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make sure that the Prince eats organic greens in different unidentifiable ways.
  3. Must wear buckled leather shoes:
    Buckled shoes are majorly meant for little girls, but it has been a tradition for male royal kids as well. Recently, in a picture published by one of the famous magazine brand showcased all royal blood seated together with Prince George wearing his cute little leather buckled shoes. Well, we can say it is another British class maker style.
  4. Dressing has to
    A lot of people disagree with the fact the royals go on with the current fashion trend. Maybe they are correct but the royals follow a trend, which makes them look like classical English upper class. The way princess Charlotte and other royal grandchildren are dressed is very much similar to what was worn by children of 60’s. Still, the royals follow their own trend and are dressed perfectly for every occasion.
  5. All should stop eating once the Queen has finished eating:
    Weird, but this rule is still stringent in the rulebooks of royals. Everyone needs to stop with his or her meals once the Queen is done with meal, even if you haven’t touched your meal yet. Just imagine how difficult it would be for a toddler and our little prince and princess to keep up with the eating pace of their grandma. Well, some of the rules of the royal family really need a reality check and need to be updated with time!
  6. One must never fly with their Dad:
    Disheartening, but this Is the fact. It is the protocol of the Royal family that no direct heirs shall travel in the same plane. Well, the new prince had already broken this rule by accompanying his dad to a trip to Australia when he was 9 months old. But the same would not happen again and the dad and son would share no more flights together once Prince George is 12.

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