10 Reasons Why Marijuana Must Be Legalized In India. . .

Whether marijuana or cannabis or “ganja” in the local Indian dialect, be legalized in India, has been a topic of huge debate for many years. Since it has been permitted in the West, questions automatically arise why shouldn’t it be allowed in India especially when it is deeply embedded in Indian mysticism.

If we go deep down into history, we will find that India has a vast record of consuming prohibited drugs like hashis, weed and bhang. But with the onset of the 20th century, various legal restrictions were made across the world and even India over the use, possession, consumption and trading of cannabis. The US even declared it as the most illegal drug in the world only to legalize it later. But India still lags behind in this case.


Let us see why marijuana must be legalized in India.

  1. Boosting revenue
    One of the assured effects of legalizing marijuana will be boosting up the revenue of the government. Levying tax from marijuana will aid the government in its struggle with rising costs and increasing revenue.
  2. Lesser crimes
    Legalizing marijuana will reduce the production and packaging of the product in illegal ways through the black market. Through Government rules and regulations, it will be channelized properly through businessman and cultivators, rather than via the drug peddlers.
  3. Medicinal purpose
    Marijuana has a number of medicinal benefits and can effectively cure diseases like epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, Crohn’s disease and many others. Decriminalizing the drug will enable many people to use it for their health.
  4. Create jobs
    Although it may sound weird, but legalizing marijuana will create a plethora of jobs. There will be employment opportunities in processing and packaging, research for medicinal purpose or in the recreational industry.
  5. Marijuana is not that addictive
    Marijuana has a lower addiction level than tobacco and alcohol. In order to get an overdose you need almost 15000 joints within a span of 20 minutes, which is practically impossible.
  6. The local people will be benefited
    Marijuana is found in the mountainous regions of Himachal Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Cultivating and producing marijuana from these places will benefit the local people economically.
  7. Locals will get their due
    Since it is banned, the farmers are forced to sell at a cheaper price to the drug dealers. Legalizing it will save them from this corruption.
  8. Customers will get quality products
    Since it is still banned in our country, customers have to settle with marijuana adulterated with a number of other chemicals to give an enhanced color and taste and for a fast “high” feeling. If the Government intervenes, customers will get only quality products.
  9. Failed protection
    Marijuana consumption is slowly increasing among the youths which show that the earlier Government directives to completely ban the products have failed miserably. So, it is better to allow it under strict vigilance.
  10. Addiction is rare
    Compared to tobacco and alcohol, addiction to marijuana is rare. 9% of marijuana smokers are dependent on it for clinical purposes.

So, instead of testing and charging drug peddlers for illegally trafficking marijuana, it will be a wise decision by the government to legalize it to bring it under control.


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