10 Crazy Obsessions Of Bollywood Stars That Will Surprise You. . .

While the entire country is obsessed with either Bollywood or Cricket, there are things that keep Bollywood stars obsessed as well. Just like many of us, Bollywood stars have obsessions that work on crazy levels.nettv4u.comThat’s right! Our B-Town stars have some serious obsessions with things that can make normal people go dizzy. Let us find out what your favorite Bollywood star is obsessed with these days –

  1. Shah Rukh Khan Not many people know that Shah Rukh Khan is obsessed with jeans and that too, blue pair of jeans. He is reportedly having over 1500 pairs of blue jeans. ehotbuzz.com
  1. Bipasha Basu The Bengali beauty has an obsession with watches. She adores watches and considers it as her go-to accessory. filmibeat.com
  1. Vidya Balan The ‘Dirty Picture’ actress is obsessed with ethnic wear – sari. It is said that she has over eight hundred saris in her collection. ehotbuzz.com
  1. Priyanka Chopra The ‘Quantico’ star is reportedly obsessed with shoes. She has a wide collection of designer brands such as YSL, Christian Louboutins and more. grabhouse.com
    1. John Abraham The actor is known for his love for superbikes and he is crazily passionate about them. bollywoodbubble.com
    1. Salman Khan The Dabbang star is known to be obsessed with perfumes and herbal soaps. Crazy it may sound but he loves to indulge in his obsession. grabhouse.com
    1. Sunny Leone Sunny has a very interesting and rather peculiar obsession. She is obsessed with her feet. She has a habit of cleaning her feet every 15-20 minutes. newsmobile.in
      1. Preity Zinta Preity is obsessed with cleanliness, particularly the clean bathrooms. She won’t go to the loo until it is squeaky clean. polkacafe.com
      2. Ameesha Patel Ameesha Patel will never be seen with the same bag again. Why? Because she is obsessed with bags. She is so crazy that she buys every possible brand whenever she travels overseas. gossipkatta.com
      3. Kangna Ranaut The ‘Queen’ actress is said to be obsessed with getting inked. She experiments with her style by getting new tattoos whenever she feels like. grabhouse.com

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