8 Awesome Facts You Will Understand Only If You Have a Sibling. . .

image-2We all have a bunch of brothers and sisters who sometimes seem to be very annoying but are actually our lifelines, and we actually can trade them for the world! Having siblings is the bestest thing in life. They add fun to your life, irritate you and sometimes turn out to be the best counselors in the world.

Indeed, there are so many things which can only be experienced if you have a sibling, let’s have a look at some of them:

  1. 24*7 Competition
    There exist a 24*7 competition between siblings! You know you have this urge to perform better than your siblings. Though it involves no personal grudge, but you still want to beat them in each and every competition, be it sports or any other thing.
  2. Never Boring Car Trips

    Car trips with siblings can never be boring. If you have a lot of siblings than these car trips are a great adventure. You actually never get to know where time flies with them with all those crazy talks, teasing and fun! Well the youngest is always the one to be targeted for bullying during such rides 😛
  3. Odd phobias!
    Your sibling always has an idea about your weird phobias, and will never in a blue moon leave an opportunity to have fun with you using your worst fears! A lot of childhood memories are created through such moments.
  4. Siblings always have your back, no matter what!

    If you’re in a problem or something is worrying you, siblings will always be there to have your back, be it you sneaking in late at home, bad result, or someone bullying you around! Siblings are always there to help you to come out through such situations.
  5. Hiding your favorite snack

    If you have younger or elder siblings, you will surely love this one! We always have a spot where we hide our favorite snack from these annoying brothers and sisters who seem to have fun in eating our snacks. But if we also get to find their hidden food, we also never leave it! Maybe that is the bond between siblings 😛
  6. Teachers judge you on the basis of your siblings

    If you and your siblings have ever studied in the same school then you must have experienced the incidents of being judged on the basis of the performance of your brothers and sisters. I don’t understand why all our professors are so keen on comparing performance! Well, professors, you must understand that we already have relatives to do that job!
  7. Creating our own language
    This is the best part of having siblings, you get to create your own language and manage to make fool out of others! Can you imagine how fascinating it can be when you can actually talk anything about the person you don’t like, right in front of them in some other language with your siblings, which only you and your sibling can understand!
  8. Jealousy (that goes both ways)
    Sometimes we do actually feel jealous of our siblings due to the traits and personalities and things which they can do and we can’t. Such things sometimes make us jealous, but we also know that somewhere deep inside your heart we love them a lot.

These were only some of the experiences which you can only experience if you have a sibling. A lot more things are there which make your life worth living with siblings.


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