Things That People Who Love Horror Movies Will Understand. . .

Not everyone gets what a horror movie fan goes through! Here are few things that only a horror movie lover will understand.

Not everyone like horror movies and being a horror movie fan is a big deal. People may not actually get you! You don’t like the normal movies that most people will do and are surely the most misunderstood bunch of people out there. While some may not understand why to spend few bucks on a movie that will only scare you, for some the thrill that they get from seeing a horror movie is like an adventure.

Here are few things that only those people who love and enjoy horror movies will understand:

  1. A different idea of Friday Nights
    For you, a perfect Friday night means cuddling up with popcorn and watching ‘The Conjuring’. Most of your friends won’t understand why you won’t come out and hang out at a café instead.
  2. You literally have to drag people to the theatres
    You have to put in a lot of work to get that friend with you to the theatres. You probably have to start convincing them 3-4 days in advance and maybe blackmail them with a treat or two after which they reluctantly agree to come with you. And you just can’t understand what the fuss is all about.
  3. People don’t get your choices
    People may think that you are strange for choosing horror movies instead of other movies. You may receive weird looks from others like they are figuring you out. However, you get used to it and others not getting you don’t even bother you anymore. Sometimes, you try to hide your passion for horror movies but you can’t. Afterall, it’s your passion.
  4. The thrill is what attracts you
    The thrill that horror movies give you is just priceless. That experience is something you can never replace. Some scenes would make you go WTF while some scenes will give you goosebumps like when the light bulb goes dim, the television or laptop shuts down, the lone swing or the little girl who enters the wrong room.
  5. You enjoy B Grade movies too
    While these movies may not give you as much thrill as some others, there is a lot of fun in B Grade movies. You may be able to predict the end very easily and some scenes may be very stupid, but these movies may feel like comic ones and hence turning out to be an enjoyable experience. Sometimes you may even find a surprisingly good one tooamongst others.
  6. Simple sounds sometimes scare you
    Once in a while simple sounds such as door creaking, light getting dim, sounds of swing etc. do scare you and your imagination does run wild. You end up imagining a scene out of a horror movie,taking place right in front of you.
  7. You can argue about your favorite movie for hours
    You are only defending the movie. You can’t understand why others don’t like it because there’s no single reason not to like it. You can even fight to the death to defend the movie.

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