10 Body Language Tips To Nail That Interview. . .

As per an old saying, “It’s not what you say, it’s what you do”, is what is crucial in any job interview. You are being judged on the basis of your body language even before you have entered that door. Your body language will have a strong impact on how you are interpreted by the interviewer. Hence, how you carry yourself is very important. A wrong body language can send wrong signals and hence make you lose that job. You will be judged even before you’ve said a single word. How you carry yourself plays a very decisive part of an interview.
Here are some handy tips to make sure your body language makes a positive impression.

  1. Perfect that handshake

    Your handshakes say a lot about you. Extra tight handshake signifies over-confidence while loose handshake shows that you are nervous or jittery. Hence make sure you have a firm handshake and smile at that point.
  2. Make eye contact

    Eye contact is the strongest form of non-verbal communication. It is very important to maintain proper eye contact, one that is neither too lingering nor too short to create a connection with the interviewer. Direct eye contact shows how confident and how much self-esteem you carry.
  3. Keep your back straight

    Slouching implies a lack of disinterest, lack of enthusiasm and respect. Sitting up straight shows that you are listening with full alertness to what the interviewer has to say.
  4. Using exaggerated gestures

    Correct use of gestures is very important. Remember, that interviewer will be taking note of every gesture you make and hence overusing them or underusing them has to be done carefully. Also, be polite and confident in using the gestures. All your personal gestures should be expressive.
  5. Always smile and nod

    Smile and nod at the right time and only when appropriate. This shows your personality and that you are paying attention to what the interviewer is saying.
  6. Sound confident

    Confidence in all the stages of the interview is needed. Whether it is the first or last handshake, giving out answers or a simple nod; slight lack of confidence can ruin the interview.
  7. Dress to impress
    How you are dressed gives out an impression about the person you are. Your attitude is determined from your dressing sense.
  8. Place your hands right
    Crossing your arms or placing them on your lap indicates nervousness. Your hands should be placed on the table where the interviewer can see them. Also avoid fidgeting, nail biting or hair twirling. All these will simply give a negative impression.
  9. Control voice volume
    Pay close attention to what the interviewer has to say and do not interrupt. Keep your voice tone very even and polite. Too soft voice volume signifies that you are under-confident and timid while too loud will feel dominating and aggressive.
  10. Last words before leaving
    Leave a classy last impression. Words like “Goodbye”, “Thank You” and “It was nice to meet you” are needed.

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