10 Food Words You Have Been Spelling Wrong. . .

You might not have realized that you are spelling many food items wrong. Off course, the food delivery guy would care less about how you are pronouncing the food item. Often we get away with misspelled foods but it is time to correct those for the love of food.twitterWe have curated top 10 words that are misspelled incorrectly by people all the time. Find out if you are one of those and correct the error right away –

  1. Dessert So it is not desert but dessert with double S. So next time think about two Ss. huffingtonpost.in
  1. Cardamom Most people confuse it with cinnamon perhaps and spell it ‘cardamon’. Well, its ‘M’ and not ‘N’. tumblr.com
  1. Frittata This word is hugely misspelled by people. People like to call it ‘fritata’ or ‘fritartar’ instead. the99centchef.blogspot.in
  1. Barbecue Barbacue or Barbieque. Yeah, that’s how people misspell it. huffingtonpost.in
    1. Espresso Have you also heard someone call it ‘Expresso’? Oh, come on guys! tenor.co
    1. Gnocchi Most people don’t realize that ‘G’ is silent here. The correct pronunciation is ‘nyawk-kee’. tenor.co
    1. Quinoa This one is a tough nut so people call it whatever they want. But the right pronunciation is ‘keen-wah’. boredpanda.com
      1. Jalapeno Well, ‘J’ is silent here as well. So it is not Jalapeno with ‘J’ but ‘hah-luh-peyn-yoh’. pinterest
      1. Quesadilla Quesadilla stands out even more than Jalapeno. People pronounce it with stress on ‘dilla’ part. But in reality, it is pronounced as ‘key-suh-dee-uh’. theodysseyonline.com
      1. Cappuccino We repeat it’s ‘Cappuccino’ not ‘Cappucino’. Just get it right already. wifflegif.com

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