9 Crazy Thoughts Every Girl Has While Shopping. . .

Shopping for girls is not really an easy task. So many choices which leads to so many dilemmas. You can imagine the situation, sigh!hercampus.comGirls love to shop though most of their time is spent at window shopping and rejecting what they don’t want rather than going straight to what they need. If you come across such confusions, you can definitely relate to this post. Here are 8 crazy thoughts every girl has while shopping –

  1. WOW! That mannequin looks really good! kaylinfitzpatrick.com
  2. I am here only to browse and not to buy. The poor me can’t afford all these. forevertwentysomethings.com
  3. This mirror makes me look so good. I should have this in my room. gurl.com
  4. Ok, ignore the price tag. Don’t look. Don’t look. You are only here for window shopping. cosmopolitan.co.uk
  5. I just want everything in this store. How much?! hercampus.com
  6. Why did I bring my boyfriend?! lifedeathprizes.com
  7. I can’t wait to put these at home. looksgud.in
  8. Wait, how do I fit in Size 4?! OMG! theknot.com
  9. Hmm… so do I go with practical or amazing? Decisions! Decisions! forevertwentysomethings.com

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